Who are the Glider Pilots in this Classic D-Day Photo

Discussion in 'Airborne' started by Cee, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I came across a wonderful high resolution photo of a 299 Squadron RAF crew with 4 glider pilots possibly taken on D-Day, June 6th, 1944. It was posted by the grandson of Bill Scott on Flickr and can be seen here along with several other well-known photos also in excellent quality.

    Grandpa's D-Day - Photos from 1943-45 from Bill Scott, Australian 299 Squadron - Flickr


    He lists the names of the RAF crew but none of the GPR officers and sergeants:

    Top: Thatcher; unknown; Jack Dickie (deceased); Bill Scott; unknown; George Copepold; Robownattan

    Bottom: "Ginger" Coates (deceased); unknown; Les Ead; Geoff Leggins (deceased); unknown

    I've seen this pic before but I can't seem to chase it down at the moment. Does anyone known who the GPR men are? I'll attach crops of the men in question.

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  2. Paul Pariso

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    Here you go mate. The quality isn't as good as your pic but I'm sure you can work it out :salut:.

    PS Names in red indicate the person died as a result of Op Market Garden.
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    Thanks Paul, that's just great!

    The grandson certainly needs to make some name corrections on the RAF crew (or is it RAAF?).

    It's such a fine photo I couldn't resist posting, but just realized that here we are in the middle of Arnhem commemorations and I'm posting a D-Day pic. Thanks also to Steve Wright who put an enquiry up on his GPR Facebook site by way of Lindsay Aspin who is always gracious and helpful when I throw a few thoughts her way.

    Isn't there a big reunion coming up for the GPR?

    Regards ... :)
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    According to the caption that goes with the picture, they were RAAF men. I believe the photo was published in "The Eagle"?

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  5. Cee

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    Thanks Paul, another nice pic of the group with excellent information.

    I think the photographer forgot to say cheese as they are all looking off in various directions which reveals a bit of character and adds to its charm. I'm sure that underneath the relaxed air the GPs were chaffing at the bit to get on with it.

    Cheers ... :)
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    I came across the same photo in the Australian War Memorial archives along with several others that could have been taken by the same photographer showing flight crews and glider pilots on D-Day or just prior. All their names are given as well as their home town locations. There are a few chalk numbers to be seen as well. They are not the best quality unfortunately. See links below if you wish to explore further.

    UK1419.JPG UK1417.JPG UK1421.JPG UK1415.JPG


    Regards ...
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