White 920 Tank Transporter

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    Here is a picture of a BX I took at the Mack Museum in Allentown Pennsylvania last year

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    Certainly a good looking truck Dave.

    Two more US vehicles in service in Vichy France.


    Dodge VH48.
    This example is with the French Red Cross, collecting for French Prisoners of War in Germany.


    White 704 S.
    This one is described as being converted for civilian use in Vichy France. The Whites are known to have been also used in Syria and North Africa, with one late batch being delivered direct to Morocco. (If my reading and translation is correct).
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    The last one from me for the time being. Photos of US trucks in French service are rare.

    Two GMC ACK 353 2.5 ton 4 X 4 with a French artillery unit in Vichy France. The original caption adds a note but my French fails me here '225 servir de base a une automitrailleuse de fortune realisee clandestinement en zone libre en 1942'. I know all the words and the gist is clear but the precise meaning eludes me.

    ACK 353.jpg

    Apart from English language sources used for background and technical detail the main sources for any who are interested are:
    L'Automobile Sous L'Uniforme 1939-40. Francois Vauvllier. Massin Editeur.
    Les Chasseurs D'Afrique. Jacques Sicard et Francois Vauvillier. Histoires et Collections.
    Charge Utile magazine No 3 and No4.

    The French do produce fantastic books.


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