Which branch of the Royal Signals?

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    Hoping to shed some light onto which branch of the Royal Signals my Father joined.
    He enlisted in July 1939 in Dunblane, Straight from a Boarding School for Sons of serving Soldiers.
    My Grandad had been in the Black Watch and K.O.S.Bs
    My dad had been involved in the D Day landings as a signalman - There had been mentions of being involved in the Funnies ( adapted tanks) etc.
    I have his Soldiers Service and Pay Book, however I can't see where it says which Royal Signals he was in, God those folks could write small too LOL
    Anybody know which branch of the Royal Signals operated from Dunblane?


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    Thank you for this link, will try and apply for this asap. Why isn't it written in his brown service record and Pay Book? My Grandad has a similar one with it all in!!

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    MOD will have the answer to that - not me I'm afraid

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    As a rule WW2 Paybooks usually only list the cap badge (regiment) rather than the specific unit of that regiment.
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    Result :)
    ThankYou for the links, have just received copies of my dads service records, Yes it gave more info than the service book we have. It would appear he joined the Royal Corps Of Signals, that then joined up with a variety of other Battalions,
    Fortress Company T B ( Telegraph Battalion ?) 5/7/39
    School of Signals 28/4/42
    79th Armoured Div Signals 14/8/43
    27th Armoured Brigade Signals Squadron 10/11/43
    Embark. UK. 10/6/44 ( I am assuming this was During the D Day landings when the Mulberry Harbours were being built up)
    Disembark UK 29/7/44
    Staffordshire Yeomantry Signals
    Embark UK 8/9/44
    79TH Armoured Div Signals 13/10/44
    33 Armoured Brigade Signals 31/3/45
    8th Armoured Brigade Signals 27/6/45
    34th Armoured Brigade Signals 27/6/45
    4th/7th Dragoon Guards Signals 30/7/45
    34th Armoured Brigade Signals 18/12/45 BAOR
    BAOR (British Army on the Rhine) C5X 8A LIST 19/12/45
    30 Corps Dist Signs 2/3/46
    x 2 list 25/2/46
    30 Corps Dist Signs 2/3/46
    12 Line of Communications Signals Regt 1/11/46
    5 (British) Division Signal Regt 6/12/46
    x 5 list 8/3/47
    Y2 list 28/3/47 (reverted to H E) What does HE mean?
    Y 77/47 Y/8 28/11/47 ( what does this mean?)

    Discharged unfit to serve 10/2/50

    I now have the fun of finding out where in France all these Brigades etc were, on the dates my dad was with them.

    Thanks again for sending me in the right direction

    Carolyn x
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    You’ve done well getting his service records back from Glasgow in under 3 weeks.

    HE likely means home establishment.

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    Thanks Steve
    Just finding out that most of these were under the umbrella of the 79th Armoured Division, confirming rumours of being with Hobarts Funnies


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