Where would I search for hospitalisation records?

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    My father was hospitalised in August 1945, possibly in India before shipping to Malaya. Unfortunately I have no one left now in my family to ask what he was suffering from. I have contacted his old regiment and strangely enough they had no record whatsoever of his being in hospital at all!!

    However, I have a picture taken by him of a hospital ward (obviously tropical) with an 'X' marking which bed was his. I also have a letter he wrote home to his sister and mother stating that the Colonel had been in to see him after having had a chat with the Medical Officer about Dad's condition, and that he was to remain in hospital for a further 10 days and then have a short period of rest before rejoining the regiment (he was delighted to discover that he would not be struck off the strength).

    This question about what he was suffering from is something I would like to find the answer to, but I don't really know where to turn for that answer since his own regiment has no such record. If anyone could give me some pointers I would be very grateful.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Due to a claim my father made in the late 50s, I have my fathers army medical records but this is unusual and unfortunately this information is not released when a request is made for a soldiers records today. Sadly, I suspect, this information, fascinating as it would be will remain a mystery to you. My fathers records even had daily temperature readings during malaria attacks as well as listing exactly which ccs or hospital he was in and the dates tallied exactly with x list entries in his main army record.
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    I have tried obtaining medical records for my Great Uncle from WW1 (1916 wounding) and I think most [probably all] medical record holders in the UK will invoke the 100 years rule for patient confidentiality/data protection - you know the stuff, cant let you have this as you might become upset and then you will take us to court, anything else you (or anyone else) might want will probably be sent our instantly !!

    Flippant I know but a sign of the times


    Should have added - finally recd his medial record in 2016 which states " he was shot in his right leg" - yes thats it in total
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    Thank you both for your helpful answers.

    I will be heading over to the Berkshire Yeomanry museum later this year, and hoping also to visit Larkhill where the RA's Firepower Museum now resides. Perhaps something will surface in Larkhill...

    I think maybe another read through of the letter he wrote home on 23/8/45 might be worthwhile, as he does make reference to "another soldier coming in to join the gang", where the gang mentioned is the group in hospital. Malaria is mentioned if I remember correctly, but it would be a pure guess to assume he too was suffering from that illness.

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