where would he have served?

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  1. adam1981

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    Where would a man have served to have received only a defence medal and war medal, if i am correct the defence medal is for three years service and the war medal is for service abroad, but he must have been somewhere that didnt qualify for a campaign star?
    he was a pre war regular in 1939.
    any ideas?
  2. Owen

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    He may have been involved in the 1940 France & Flanders campaign.
  3. adam1981

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    excuse my lack of knowledge, but would he not have received a 1939-45 star?
  4. Owen

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    oops, yes , you're quite right.
  5. CL1

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    Do you have any particular details about the individual or is it a general question?
    If you have more details I am sure forum members will be able to assist

  6. adam1981

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    a bit of a general question. i have a trio of medals mounted as worn to a Royal Army Service Corps man, the third medal being a pre war Palestine GSM, obviously they not be correct to match his service, but i was thinking if they are could it be for service outside of the campaign stars areas, but where would these be? India, Falklands, Iceland, coastal areas of UK?
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    You need to look at the medal issue rules - there is a thread entitled "WW2 CAMPAIGN STARS AND MEDALS INFO" or similar created by DBF that has all the rules.

    Defence Medal rules are quite complicated so you will need to study the info.

    The War Medal had simpler terms - entitlement if a serviceman served 28 days before 2nd September 1945.


    Steve Y
  8. bofors

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  9. adam1981

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    Thanks for this help, I had it in my head that war medals were only for service in theatres of war. When you say full time service, is that why firemen etc get defence medals only?

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