Where World War One finally ended

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    A fortnight after Europe marked the 100th anniversary of the armistice that brought World War One to a close, Africa is holding its own ceremonies this weekend. Andrew Harding looks at the reason behind the delay.

    "This was no side show. It was an important part of the world war, and the longest campaign of that war," declared James Willson, a Kenyan historian attending a small ceremony at the neatly tended Commonwealth War Cemetery in the rural town of Voi.

    A Kenyan army bugler played the last post as British and German diplomats looked on. A Kenyan general and small group of local and international visitors laid wreaths.

    This was the start of a weekend of ceremonies and tours.

    Where World War One finally ended
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    I wonder, if similar celebrations happened in South-West Africa (Namibia). A former German colony.
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    The War in Europe did not end on 11.11.1918 as many British soldiers sent to Russia and died after this date. Another case of Politicians and covert plans.
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    Quite an upheaval Tom following the Armistice with Russia involved who had not been invited for the peace conference at Versailles in 1919.

    The British government were concerned that the change of Russia's regime would promote a similar desire for change in the British Isles.To avert this, there was a British presence to support the so called White Russians who opposed the Lenin Bolshevik regime.Both the Baltic area and the Kuban area of South Russia saw a British presence for this support while the newly formed German Freikorps, with approval of the Allies also fought the Bolsheviks in Lithuania and Lativia.
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