Where Were They Going?

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    I have asked this question in another thread, but am repeating it here as I'm not sure I put it in the right section...

    I am trying to work out why some soldiers would have been staying in a small town in Oxfordshire in Dec 1940/Jan 1941 for a period of six weeks. I was under the impression they were on they were on their way to undertake active sercvice.

    Are they likely to have been undergoing some training during that time, or just waiting until they were needed somewhere? And at this time in the war, is there an obvoius place they could have been destined for, or could it have been absolutely anywhere?

    I understand this is incredibly vague, and therefore probably not possible to answer, but I would appreciate any background information about what happened when soldiers departed for the war, in terms of how they travelled and where they would have departed from etc. I had imagined they would all have been on army bases.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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    OK- I din't know about the War Diaries in Kew! I have all my answers now! :)

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