Where were German medals made during WW2?

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  1. KriegsmarineFreak

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    I've been wondering lately where German medals were manafactured during World War II. Were they made all over Germany or in just one firm? Also were the same medals made throughout the war or were some of them made only sparingly?

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  2. PsyWar.Org

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    There were quite a few makers like Juncker in Berlin, Deschler in Munich, Zimmermann in Pforzheim, Godet in Berlin and others.

    The awards usually have either a makers name on the rear or a small code number identifying the manufacturer.

    Rarity depands on the award. Second class Iron Crosses were made in probably millions, whereas the Grand Cross was only awarded once, to Goering, and only a few examples ever minted.
  3. KriegsmarineFreak

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    What were these German medal firms like? What did they have in them?
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    Does anybody know what medals the Germans gave out from Lowest to highest?
    Wasn't the last one with diamonds?

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