Where was Corporal William Christie?

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  1. Ronnyson

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    Evening Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone can give me more information on Corporal William Innes Christie 1881676. I am particularly interested in where he was and what they were doing at the time of his death.

    Here is what I know already (not much as it happens)

    He was with the 285 Field Park Coy
    Date of Death 11/02/1945 (Possibly caught by a booby trap whilst souvenir hunting)

    Son of Allan & Barbara Christie, husband of Dinah Christie of Colinton. Edinburgh.

    He is buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

    Where were the 285 Field Park Coy at the time of his death? Would they have been local to Reichswald or is it possible he could have been moved a large distance later (I understand graves were consolidated into Reichswald later)

    Any help gratefully received

  2. Owen

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    285 Field Park Coy were part of 53rd Welsh Division who on that date were very much involved in the Reichswald fighting.
    I've given Swiper a heads up.
    You might like to have a look through here.

    this map will be of use.
  3. Owen

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    I think this might be the war diary reference number for 285 Fd Pk Coy, although it only states 285 Coy.
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    WO 171/5543
    285 Coy.
    Covering dates1945 Jan.- Dec.
  4. Swiper

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    Paraphrasing from Welsh Bridges to the Elbe - by John H Roberts.

    8th February, 1+3 platoons from 244 Field Company were supporting 1st Ox and Bucks and 1st HLI. There vehicles:
    6 Carriers from 53 Recce Regiment
    3 Weasels
    One armoured dozer were waiting authorisation to go ahead from Brigade HQ, whilst the tipper trucks were working clearing the roads to the rear.

    Many tanks and other vehicles broke and bogged down, so many infact that the sappers were swamped by the amount, and had to endure this with occasional sniper rire.
    1 Platoon from 244, 3 Platoon from 282 Field Coy, and a composite platoon was formed from 285 Coy... along with over 250 other men (infantry and gunners) kept diggging vehicles out and trying to keep the road in good condition.

    Unfortunately no exact casualties are mentioned there bar a few (I believe) unrelated ones.

    On Page 88-89 is a double page photo of 285 Field Park at Maidstone in 1944...

    There is most likely more in the earlier chapters where William *may* have been mentioned, but that picture almost certainly includes him.

    Do you have any other information or pictures to go off?

    As for exact location, I am not sure as I do not have 285's Diary yet, however it would be worth looking at:
    285, 244 and 282 as if he was killed in that composite platoon there should be a mention of it there.

    Robert's book will give you a great idea of the hell-hole that the central Reichswald was, and the amazing mess that was 'organised' to keep the advance moving.

    Home - 53rd Welsh may have some more information I've not yet thought of, and have a few other books to check. Also cheers Owen for the heads up ;)
  5. Ronnyson

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    Owen, Swiper thats fantastic info gents, plenty of interesting reading for me to be getting my teeth into. - will try to get hold of Roberts' book from the library....it's £75 on Amazon.....

    Swiper, to answer your question, there are some pictures.... if you check my mate Koko's profile, he has uploaded an 'Album'.....here.......


    Corporal Christie is in the last photo (the 4 guys linking arms....he is the one on the left)

    And further info from a previous posting.......


    Pretty much all the information we have is included in this thread.....

    Thanks again gents


    PS. I'm sure Koko would be interested if anyone has extra info on his Dad
  6. Swiper

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    Ronnyson, I'll make some enquiries about trying to find you a copy of the book cheaper. I'm dropping you a PM on that...
  7. Ronnyson

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    Many thanks Swiper.......have sent you a PM

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