Where did Adolf Hitler die?

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    history tells us that Adolf Hitler commited suicide along with his newly wedded wife eva braun on 30 April 1945 in the fuhrerbunker. But there is a "conspricay" in which bacically says that 2 body doubles of the fuherer and eva go into the fuhrerbunker and they killed theselves, whilst the real Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun fled to argentina. My "source" for this "conspriacy" is a program i watched a while ( i cannot remember the name of the program).

    My question is this: Did Hitler really flee to Argentina? or did he commit suicide?

    Sidenote:- If Hitler did commit suicide, why did thew USSR take his remains and "claim" that the skull they had was that of Hitlers? please bear in mind that years later, scienetists ran tests on the skull and the results of that test where that of a women in her 40s

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    I'm going to strongly recommend Luke Daly-Groves on Twitter.
    Luke Daly-Groves (@lukedalygroves) | Twitter
    He's written a very well-received book (Not read it, but on my to-do list) & has made a hobby of academically refuting the assorted theories around Adolf & Eva's bunker suicide.
    The programme is most likely 'Hunting Hitler'. He's not a fan.

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    ok thanks
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    Or read Trevor-Roper's "The Last Days of Hitler." He was a British intelligence officer who interviewed witnesses and studied primary documents about Hitler's death in the period just after it happened. As Eisenhower said about the death camps “Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.” No serious historian of Nazi Germany (Kershaw et al) has ever found a reason to dispute Trevor-Roper's findings. So, I suppose it comes down to this - believe people who have studied this subject all their lives and whose aim is to further understanding and knowledge, or believe a sensationalist TV programme which has the sole purpose of getting as many people to watch as possible. The former might be more boring, but quite often the truth is boring.
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    In any case, as Monty Python has proved on film, he went to a seaside boarding house in Minehead. along with Himmler and von Ribbentrop. Their old friend Mussolini ran the nearby Axis Cafe. :whistle:
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    A most revealing a account and recognised as official of what occurred in the Chancellery bunker and the comings and goings on which marked the end of the Third Reich.Years later there was a controversy that Bormann had escaped from Germany.Trevor Roper was able to account through the witness of Axmann being with Bormann and others leaving the bunker in the escape of 1 May. Axmann went further and declared he had seen both Bormann and Stumpfegger (Hitler's latest doctor) laid out dead,victims of the Soviet onslaught to take Berlin.
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    A book called The Berlin Bunker, by James P O'Donnell, is worth a look. Incidentally, this is the site of the bunker in Berlin, taken on a visit there a few years ago.

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