Where can I find 'caption sheets'?

Discussion in 'General' started by 8RB, Jul 22, 2020.

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    With AFPU/IWM photos, there comes a sheet, quite often with a rather meaningless description, like the one below. It does refer, however, to a 'caption sheet'. I would love to see what's written on that!

    Can anyone tell me where to find these caption sheets?


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    From his text (copied below, in italics), it seems, with 'caption sheets' he means sheets like the example shown in my post #1. These, however, also often refer to a 'caption sheet', which apparently is something different. I assume it contains additional information, possibly on a number of photos (as, like shown in post #1, it says "For story see caption sheet"). I would still be very interested to know if/where I can find them.

    "From my one and only visit to the IWM photo archives room years ago, it seems that a (sometimes very small) print of each photo is kept in a binder with others from the same series, on sheets with several prints on each but without any text apart from the negative numbers, while typed caption sheets, as now displayed on the website, are kept in separate binders.
    My understanding is that dope sheets correspond to films only, not still photos.
    Of course, there must habe been a handwritten version of the typed caption sheet of the photos, as originally written by the photographer when or soon after he took the photo, but I have not seen any, nor do I know whether they have been preserved.
    In any case I doubt that they would contain any info not included in the typed caption sheet.

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