When's the right time to start wearing a poppy?

Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by von Poop, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. dbf

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    Don't men traditionally wear a boutonnière on the left.

    Boutonnière - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I think it might also depend on what you're pinning the poppy to. Right lapel/side might also be more practical depending on the style of a jacket or coat ie women's reverse buttoning. Out of habit, I prefer wearing the poppy on my left side - yep, I'm right-handed.
  2. Steve Mac

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    There was a poppy etiquette snippet on the BBC news the other day. Apparently men should wear it on the left and women left or right.

    I'm just pleased to see people wearing a poppy - it doesn't matter to me where they wear it!


  3. Gage

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    I wear mine on my mobile.

    Donate via your mobile
    [​IMG]Text the word POPPY to 70090 - to make a donation to The Royal British Legion. (Texts cost £5.00 plus your standard network message charge.) At least £4.00* goes directly to the Legion.
    My phone won't support this image as it's so large but here it is for download.
  4. Owen

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    I bought mine today, it's on my left....at the moment.
    It might fall off & be put somewhere else.
  5. Ron Goldstein

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    Two poppies, actually :)


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  6. Peter Clare

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    Two poppies, actually :)



    I always buy two poppies, one I wear on the left, the other is placed at the foot of panel 80 of the Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede on Remembrance Sunday.
  7. Lofty1

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    The Poppy--fashion icon
    Been out collecting today, and come home confused, there seems to be many variations now available of the traditional poppy.
    The poppy we remember from our youth. the poppy that speaks volumes, the Poppy proudly worn, showing that you have given your support to the most worthy of causes,an almost worthless paper and plastic easy to loose thing, that usually looks six days old after a day, if you have not lost it.
    No matter it faults, it has and will serve its purpose, with the dignity respect and recognition it has surrounding it, perfectly.
    Today on a number of occasions, passers by stopped and showed me their poppies,the likes of which I had never seen before, and one lady, was very sad because a example on Ebay sold out at £80 or so. she said it was like the X factor judges wore last year and she really wanted one, few if any of these are dated so the will be good for year on year.
    When I got home (knackered) I had a look on ebay, 150 odd poppy related items of which roughly only a third of the sellers were making a donation to the RBL OR HFH .
    Two years ago I had a man put a fifty pound note in my tin take a poppy and a pin and went away I guess he just wanted to give.
    At 67 years of age , I dislike change/progress, but try and remain open minded, however, if the Poppy becomes a fashion icon for certain people in all its upmarket forms, It will at the same time alter the standing of the proper one (the one that falls off), wearing a style of poppy must not become a fashion/class thing.
    So wear your Poppy with pride (yes the one that falls off then buy another) and be proud because that Poppy says it all, always has and always will.

    Rant over and if I have miss-read whats seems to be happening, or put someones nose out of joint I opologise now.
  8. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Poppy Shop Home page

    X Factor and Strictly's 'bling' Remembrance Day poppies: Sales set to reach £40m | Mail Online

    While the Poppy Appeal has always been a successful fundraising venture, the pin itself has never really been regarded as a fashion staple.

    But thanks to a revamp - and a string of celebrity endorsements, the accessory has become a style must-have - and an instant sell-out hit.

    The new range of poppies is expected to generate more than £40million this year - the biggest in the history of the Royal British Legion, currently celebrating its 90th anniversary.

    Poppies have gained in popularity after featuring on talent contests the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing last year, with every judge and contestant sporting them during the live shows.
    And sales have soared once again when the glitzy poppies were reintroduced again this month.

    But for the glamour of Saturday night television, the £1 paper and plastic flower just won't do.

    The traditional poppy has been given a makeover by jeweler Kleshna, who is using Swarovski crystals to jazz up designs, with some retailing at £59.99.And off-screen, they have also been a hit.

    Most of the new range is currently out of stock on the Royal British Legion website - with a notice on the homepage warning customers they are experiencing delays due to the high volume of orders.

    I'm sticking to the paper one, but I know my daughter would love to wear one of the ones that RBL offer in their online shop.
    Poppy Shop Poppy Jewellery - Jewellery
  9. Wills

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    Good to see many old soldiers wearing regimental headdress on parade. A friend bought a Field Service cap from and Indian tailor at a reasonable price. They know all of the regimental regulations for defunct units!

    Coloured FS Caps.jpg

    Can also be bought in the UK for £40 to £60 approx.
  10. Gerard

    Gerard Seelow/Prora

  11. Lofty1

    Lofty1 Senior Member

    The traditional poppy has been given a makeover by jeweler Kleshna, who is using Swarovski crystals to jazz up designs, with some retailing at £59.99.And off-screen, they have also been a hit. (quote)

    One of them just sold on ebay, for £116 seem very popular don't they. hope the £56 profit gets put in a poppy tin.
  12. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    The traditional poppy has been given a makeover by jeweler Kleshna, who is using Swarovski crystals to jazz up designs, with some retailing at £59.99.And off-screen, they have also been a hit. (quote)

    One of them just sold on ebay, for £116 seem very popular don't they. hope the £56 profit gets put in a poppy tin.

    Would have to wonder about that wouldn't we Lofty, but at least RBL would get their share on the first sale. Hope they get more stock in though next year to stop this sort of supply/demand problem. I'd rather pay £60 than £116 for something any day.
  13. jacksun

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    I wear it on the left for the first 11 days of November, and I have the same one in my truck that's been in every vehicle I've owned since 1987 (my grandfather died Nov 2, 1987).
  14. jacksun

    jacksun Senior Member

    Aside from the normal November period of course.

    My wife says only during the beginning of November, I disagree and say wearing a Poppy all year long shows respect and support for our troops, both active and veterans. The Poppy campaign raises money for vets, but the Poppy also has significant meaning which is the honouring, respecting, and thanking of Vets and active troops which is why we wear it.

    People have "Support our Troops" bumper stickers, and a myriad of other things on their cars etc so what is wrong or right with wearing a Poppy all year long?

    Interested on how people feel about this, especially the vets and active troops.

  15. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    Here in Berlin I wear my small enamelled Poppy Badge all the time and it is a good conversation piece.

    Whenever I am asked what the badge stands for, I can explain what the RBL is all about without sounding pushy.

  16. KevinBattle

    KevinBattle Senior Member

    The enamel lapel pins are becoming popular as an all year round reminder to all about the lads in Afghanistan and elsewhere.
    I revert to a "proper" poppy during November, from 1st till Remembrance Sunday, then back to enamel.
    Somehow, wearing a paper poppy after 11th November just looks crass, as if the person wearing it has no idea as to when to stop wearing it, thus showing ignorance of the symbolism and reason for the poppy in the first place.
  17. jacksun

    jacksun Senior Member

    I haven't been able to find the enamel or metal lapel pins. Have to keep looking and maybe I'll get lucky.

  18. Owen

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  19. WhiskeyGolf

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    I wear my 'paper' poppies during the months of April (for ANZAC Day) and November (for Armistice Day). I also have an enamel pin from the UK that I wear on 'special' occasions that I think it should be worn.

    And I've now got a poppy for my car. :)
  20. jacksun

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