When War Came To Winnipeg

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    This popped up on an unrelated forum but it's certainly on topic here:

    On February 19, 1942, Winnipeg (in Manitoba, Canada) staged a mock invasion of the city by the Nazis as part of a war bond drive, with aircraft, explosions, a blackout, "Nazi" roadblocks, book burning, and the daily newspaper replaced by the 4-page Das Winnipeger Lugenblatt.

    When war came to Winnipeg

    It was highly successful and led to a lot of war bonds being purchased. "With days to go in the campaign, Manitoba exceeded its $45-million quota set out by the National War Finance Committee. By the time of its conclusion on March 7, 1942, the final total was an astonishing $65 million — $927 million in 2017 dollars."
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    I'm sure that was mentioned on here before, with photos.
    Can't find the thread now.
    edit: ah canuck posted a photo here a year ago
    Caption competition
    I had a look into it then.
    Shame that the Winnipeg Free Press article won't open for me now without logging into their website.

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    Ahh, that's a shame. :( That ... seems like the wrong way of dealing with the issue.

    I felt sure someone must have mentioned it - I may not have searched with the right words to find it, though.
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    Who did the air support, the Blue Bombers...:)

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