When did US Public find out about Holocaust?

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    A ww2 Jewish vet recently told me that he fought from D-Day onward but had no idea of the extent of the Holocaust. He was very well aware that Jews were being persecuted in Germany and that is why he and many other Jews in Canada volunteered at such high rates. It was only after the war had ended that he learned any detail.
    There were 3,752 deaths at Dachau in the first seven years that the camp was in operation. Some prisoners were even released. I'm not sure those numbers would necessarily alert anyone to the genocide which dramatically accelerated only after 1941.

    The British establishment knew what was going on as early as 1940 with the setting up of the Warsaw ghetto at least they should have had some idea what the Nazis had in store for the Jews in Europe.

    Published in the Times 1940

    Times 1942

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    I see nothing in those 1940 headlines that would lead any reasonable person to think that that 11 million people were about to be systematically slaughtered.
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    11 million?
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    11 million?


    I was using the figure generally attributed to the Holocaust and not the broader wartime casualties. Cut that to six million for Jews alone. The original question related to the Holocaust.

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