When did last WW2 Veteran leave the Armed Forces ?

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Owen, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Owen

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    Whilst doing the washing up just now thought came into my head about when did the last WW2 Veteran leave the Forces, someone enlisting in 1945 - if they did the full 22 - would leave in 1967 .
    Was it noted in the media at the time ?
    I suppose you could say that HRH Prince Philip still counts .
    Thinking more of us commoners .
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    That is a very interesting question. I use a dishwasher and so have never come up with such ponderables.
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    I presume you were originally asking about UK forces.

    Here in Australia there were still WW2 veterans serving when I enlisted in 1981

    The last few (by then senior officers) discharged in 1982 / 83
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    Do you, or is it actually someone else ??:whistle:

  5. Owen

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    Well I was at first but welcome info on any Nationality.
  6. SDP

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    I guess there are two possible types of answer, both of which have already been touched on:
    1. Those serving in an active role where they could be placed in harms way and/or active in the command structure so still 'involved'. In practice I guess this, in turn, means they are still being retained/paid as active personnel.
    2. Those who did serve in an active role but, like HRH Prince Phillip, are now in a pure ceremonial - or similar - type of role.

    Note: I use a Dishwasher if there's lots to do but handwash if only a few items. :)
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  9. Owen

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    I see Basil L Plumley (the Sgt Major from ''We Were Soldiers'') left the US Forces in 1974 after 32 years service.
    Basil L. Plumley - Wikipedia
    To serve that long & survive 3 wars takes some doing.
    Must have been a few senior NCOs in the Vietnam War who'd served in WW2.
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  11. canuck

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    BARR, John Wilmer Browning C.M.M., K.St.J., C.D., Q.H.P., M.D., C.M., D.H.A. Major-General, retired 1916-2007 One of Canada's longest serving and most distinguished soldiers, a Military Physician of note, passed away quietly at the Ottawa General Hospital on Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at the age of 90. A native of Lanark, Ontario, Barr began his long military career in 1940, when he joined the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corp (RCAMC) as a medical officer shortly after graduating from Queen's University at Kingston. During the next 53 years of military service, he ran the full gamut of medical appointments from battalion medical officer, commanding officer of field medical units, in England, Belgium and Germany, commandant of the Canadian Forces Service School, commanding officer of Canadian Forces Hospital, Kingston, and numerous staff posts, culminating in his appointment as Surgeon General of the Canadian Forces.
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