When are medals made/minted?

Discussion in 'WW2 Militaria' started by SAS grandson, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. SAS grandson

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    I recently recieved my grandfathers sevice medals from WWII.

    He recieved three in total.

    the war medal
    the africa star
    1939-45 star

    I am curious if anyone knows, were these made/minted at the end of the war or when the medal was awarded or lastly when my application to claim was recieved by the MOD back in January?

    Just a thought, but its neat to think they sat in some indiana jones style warehouse wating to be applied for and polished before being sent.

    I am honouired to have them, grampa always said he had medals but had no inclination to recieve or wear them.

    Here is my introductory post from last year at which time I first recieved his service records


    If anyone know I am very curious,


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  2. bamboo43

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  3. Tom Canning

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    SAS g;son

    When stars /medals are displayed they invariably follow tradition by being all in the same format…..so your display is therefor "ass backward" as they say

    with the first i.e. 1939/45 STAR - Dark blue to represent the Royal Navy - and closer to the centre of the Chest - Red for the Army - and light blue for the RAF as

    being the junior corps - then the other Star for Africa with 8th army clasp - as opposed to 1st Army clasp then the 1939/45 war MEDAL…

  4. SAS grandson

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    thanks bamboo, very informative.
  5. SAS grandson

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    Not sure what your referring to Tom.

    I dont have them mounted for display yet, I just recieved them in the mail. I listed them as I arranged them in the photo.

    If/when mounted I would intend to display in a certain order, as laid out on the card that came with the medals.

    What I was wondering is were these medals made in 1940 waiting to be applied for or made at the time of reciept of application.

    Bamboos post seems to give mush more insight into both the creation and order to be worn,

    thanks for taking an interest in the post though,
  6. Tom Canning

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    sas g'son

    Just being picky as STARS always before medals

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  7. SAS grandson

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    Ahh, noted.

    it would have been awkward to have them mounted, contrary to the norm.

    Although I myself would never have noticed prior to recieveing the medals as I am not an enlisted man, nor familiar with medal "etiquette".

    Since i recieved them it comes with a card to inform you the order they are to be worn/displayed.

    Definitely want it done right come the time.

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  9. Rich Payne

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    I found that a slightly confusing explanation as it suggested that they were producing '39-'45 stars.

    I Googled further and found this :-


    Presumably when the original system of only issuing on request was chosen, it was expected that many wouldn't and that substantial savings could be made. It would have been unlikely that the whole theroretical entitlement would have been produced 'just in case'.

    I wonder how long they will continue issuing them to families ?
  10. bamboo43

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    Thanks Rich,

    That link backs up what I suggested to SAS grandson in post 2.

    Best wishes

  11. SAS grandson

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    Yeah it makes sense from a cost point of veiw. I never figured they would made them as earned.

    I hope they would never stop, these were earned and while my grandfather and I'm sure many others never cared to possess them, there are next of kin such as me and perhaps 80 years from now if some great(x10) grandson applies, if the records still exist and proof can be determined, medals should still be awarded.
  12. SAS grandson

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    Oh, and thanks for the research

    I can't wait to get these framed.
  13. SAS grandson

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    What's the reasoning behind the order of medals.
    Not just the stars before medals but which star before which?

    Just curious.

  14. SAS grandson

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    Another question, can I have these engraved with his relevant information? Rank, service number?
  15. bamboo43

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    Although WW2 service medals were not sent out to the recipient officially engraved or impressed, many families did add the service details to their medals privately.

    If you would like to have your grandfather's medals engraved, then you should not feel concerned in anyway about doing so.
  16. SAS grandson

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    After hearing about medals going missing/stolen. It might be added insurance as identification later.
  17. SAS grandson

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    I'm well on the way to getting these framed. Just have to touch up a photo to include.

    The cloth badge and wings are direct from "the occupier", the SAS regimental assn. The metal sas badge and Camerons were from eBay.

    I got the order right too Tom. Lol

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  18. SAS grandson

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    Well on the way, ha.

    Over a year later, and here is the finished product.
    He never wanted them, but I'm so proud to have these medals. image.jpg
  19. Tom Canning

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    One odd thing about the medals- not enough of them - as it was usual to have the defence medal before the

    victory medal but also another theatre such as Sicily - Italy or even France and Germany in the case of XXX Corp or Viii armoured bde- you might want tho look into that depending on who

    he served with as it is doubtful he served all his time in Africa- Cameron Highlanders served with 4th Indian Div - who fought at Cassino and elsewhere in Italy-which would have entitled him the

    the Italian Star … 1st and 2nd SAS also fought in both Italy and France and Germany- so don't forget them...

  20. 51highland

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    His Cameron number suggests he joined them early to mid 1940. It is possible he was with 5th Camerons, 51st Highland Division, but that depends on when he joined SAS.

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