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    Thanks for posting Mike. I am supposed to a review of this programme for the Chindit Society. :salut:
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    Thanks for the reminder.

    A fantastc discovery of cine film in rusty tins , plus lists of the men seen, equally valuable.

    I've just read "The Road Past Mandalay" by John Masters, a great book.

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    Wonderful programme. I was aware of the database from the post on this forum last year and have searched out all the Chindit soldiers and their contributions. Great to see a couple mentioned on the programme this evening. The lady visiting her father's grave at Taukkyan reminded me so much of my own mother's visit to Burma in 2008.

    http://www.chinditslongcloth1943.com/a- ... story.html
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    Do Channel 4 have any kind of 'Watch Again' facility online?

    I'd like to watch this.
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    You should be able to go online and watch it on catch up at Channel 4.com Charley.
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    To be shown again this Thursday at 8 pm on 4seven.

    The Radio Times for Sunday 26 June states in small print:

    " Repeated 1.10 am 4seven and Thursday 8pm 4seven (S) (AD) (HD) "

    4seven is on Freeview 47, Freesat 127, Sky 140, Virgin 195 HD Freeview 110

    The internet route from channel4. com ( a mystery to me ) :

    " All 4
    Access All 4 online at www.channel4.com/all4
    Minimum Requirements
    • Our All 4 programmes and video clips require Adobe Flash 10.2 or higher. Mac users will need Adobe Flash 10. You can download Flash at www.adobe.com. Some of our Flash video (mainly short-form clips on All4.com and E4.com) is delivered using the Brightcove platform and video player. View these system requirements on the Brightcove website.
    • To enjoy the best possible user experience we recommend you have the following:
    • Latest version of Microsoft Windows or OSX
    • A broadband internet connection
    ◦ We recommend the following browsers:
    ◦ Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
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    ◦ Safari - latest version
    ▪ (The site will work with other browsers, but the user experience may not be as satisfactory)
    ▪ Javascript should be turned on in your browser
    ▪ Cookies should be enabled (Internet Explorer security settings set to medium)

    Visit the Windows Store from your device and download our free All 4 app by clicking the link above
    Minimum Requirements
    • Requires Windows 8 or Windows RT "

    Or, you could ask your local Town Hall to look for any 16 mm? ( could be 35 mm ) film reels in old tins ( not that rusty ) labelled " Calling Blighty".

    Apparently, 391 rolls of ten to fifteen minutes each were filmed. It seems that about ten per cent have survived, in good condition, but the crucial thing about the Manchester Town Hall find was that the names of the serving man or woman, and the name and address of their nearest relative etc. were on typed sheets inside the tins.

    It would be good to see the footage that does exist straight out of the tin.

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    The North West Film Archive has all the clips viewable online and have asked for help identifying some of the men.

    Calling Blighty is a series of short films made in 1944-46 of individual servicemen and women in the Far East sending personal messages home to their family and friends. These poignant filmed messages were shown in local cinemas, to the mixed laughter and tears of the specially invited audiences. A Message Home is a project to try to find as many families and veterans as possible, to bring them together to show the films again, and to tell their stories.

    Of nearly 400 issues made, only 48 are known to survive. Of these, 23 feature service personnel from the Greater Manchester and wider North West areas, and were found complete with the sheets of contact details showing the names and addresses of the family and friends who were invited to the screenings. You can find here a searchable database of over 600 names, with clips.

    Alongside the attempt to trace people, a new artists’ film by Steve Hawley is being made, summing up these unique and compelling films. They are partly stilted, occasionally emotional, but mostly stiff upper lip testimonies, filmed direct to camera often in one take - sometimes funny, and always very moving. In a way, they predict video communications such as Skype, but also offer a window on the understated courage of servicemen who had endured the long separation from their home – in both time and space – often since the start of the war.

    This new film, and some of the original Calling Blighty issues, was screened on Monday 23rd November 2015 at HOME – Manchester’s new cross arts venue. We are also planning other screenings around Greater Manchester later in the year. The project appreciates the support of Manchester School of Art, HOME, Imperial War Museums, Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society and Archives+

    Do you know any of these servicemen and women?

    We'd love to find out as much as we can about these films so please do tell us if you
    - belong to one of the families
    - know of someone who does
    - know something about the films or the original screenings (for example, we're not always sure of the date or the location of the films)
    - want to come to a screening later in the year
    You can contact Marion Hewitt at the North West Film Archive by emailing blighty@mmu.ac.uk or by calling 0161 247 3097.

    You can write to us at:
    North West Film Archive
    Manchester Central Library
    PO Box 532
    Albert Square
    Manchester M60 2LA

    Or visit us in Archives+ at Manchester Central Library, St Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD.
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    Thank you for that.
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    BBC 4, or BBC4 as they call it at 8 pm tonight, Tuesday 28th June Repeated at 1 am, 0100 hours, Wednesday, 29th June.

    Second part on BBC4 at 8 pm on Wednesday, 29th June. Repeated at 1 am, 0100 hours, Thursday, 30th June.

    Good programme that has been on before.

    "Tankies: Tank Heroes of WWII"

    " Historian Mark Urban tells the story of six remarkable men from the Fifth Royal Tank Regiment during the Second World War. Beginning in northern France, we meet the band of brothers in the midst of the fall of France and the retreat to Dunkirk.

    Part II: This part features men who took part in the D-Day landings, the battle for Normandy and the eventual victory in Germany."
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    Here's a heads up for a one-off documentary to be shown on More4 on Sunday 6th November at 9pm. It's called Home Front Heroes and is produced by Tern TV and will tell the stories of several people in various roles on the Home Front.
    My photos show Ian Lavender (Pike from Dad's Army) talking to Home Guard veteran Frank Colenso on Pennance Point overlooking Falmouth where Frank grew up and served in the Home Guard as a teenager. I had been contacted to help with the locations and advise on the local history. Ian Lavender presents the programme.
    Pic 1.jpg
    Pic 2.jpg
    For C4's description of the programme:
    Tern to celebrate Home Front Heroes - Channel 4 - Info - Press
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    Just a reminder of Home Front Heroes tonight on More4 at 9pm.
    Tern ad.jpg

    For more info and a short clip visit:
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    Great programme. Well worth watching.
    Available on C4 catch up for next 29 days.
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    BBC TWO Tonight at 9.00 pm.

    “Close to the Enemy”

    Episode 1 of 7

    " It is the end of the Second World War and Lotte and her father Dieter, a recently captured German scientist, arrive in England. Captain Callum Ferguson, an intelligence officer, is assigned the task of courting Dieter into working with the British RAF to develop the jet engine. With the emerging Cold War, it is crucial for British national security that cutting-edge technology is made available to the armed forces as quickly as possible.
    Meanwhile, Kathy Griffiths from the War Crimes Unit is looking to bring war criminals who escaped prosecution to justice. As Lotte navigates the strange corridors of the bomb-damaged London hotel where they are staying under the British government's watchful eye, Callum must win over the trust of her father."

    10 November 2016
    1 hour



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