What was this Airfield Building Used For?

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    I have just spent a few hours looking around the site of R.A.F. Killadeas.

    Among the buildings were two Air Raid Shelters which are shown outside and inside in my first two photographs.
    These are made of "Ingot Iron" and are stamped as such by the Ingot Iron Company in Middlesboro, Ohio.
    They would have been covered in earth.
    Both are in good condition.

    I need your help in identifying the other building.
    From the front there are two entrances and immedtately facing them is a small room.
    Between the two entrances is a raised platform which is reached by climbing approx 5 rungs of a metal ladder.
    From this platform looking into the building is a large open area.

    On going to the other side of the building is one door into a room which has its roof at the same level as the platform referred to previously.

    What would this building have been used for??
    It reminds me of a mix between a Bomb Trainer and a Turret Trainer.

    If anyone can provide a Plan of RAF Killadeas I will be able to give the precise location of this.

    Hope you can help.


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    perhaps smoke/fire escape practice tunnel
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    Thanks for this.

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