What to look for in Winter or the tale of the shape shifting sheep.

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    Many of you of a certain age will remember the Ladybird books of our youth. I was always rather taken with the "What to look for" series that showed the changing seasons of the year. They are interesting as they show many species of flora and fauna that were once commonplace in the English countryside.

    To recall these bucolic times here are a few reminders of the illustrations contained in the book.

    Winter 001.JPG Winter 002.JPG Winter 004.JPG Winter 006.JPG Winter 007.JPG Winter 010.JPG Winter 011.JPG
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  2. Owen

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    Loved the Ladybird books, some great artwork in them.
  3. High Wood

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    Wonderful though the illustrations are the book is in serious need of updating as it makes no mention of the shape shifting sheep that I saw in the fields above Clunton this morning.
    Clun ton 017.JPG Clun ton 018.JPG Clun ton 019.JPG Clun ton 020.JPG Clun ton 024.JPG Clun ton 027.JPG
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    I think that shafting ship is an offence - sorry I am dyslexic

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