What really happened to Geli?

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by sandwichery, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Vanity Fair normally isn't my first choice as a source when it comes to history, but this article about Hitler's niece had some interesting details of which I wasn't aware. Thought that the members might appreciate it.

    My apologies, guys. The article is there, but I can't get it to paste. Will keep working on it.
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    Thanks for that information , I will have a nosey at that Elsie
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  4. Our bill

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    Thanks for the link Von Poop Elsie
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    Thanks for the assist, vP.
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    Interesting article. Hitler's quarrel with his 23-years old niece has all attributes of a breeze among a married couple.
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    Very interesting article although it doesnt shed much more light on the mystery for me, i think we will never know, i think both options are plausible. Though in photos ive never noticed that haunting beauty of Geli that article keeps saying, just really quite plain.
  8. Smudger Jnr

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    An interesting article, but nothing new uncovered.

    Lots of theories, but from what I remember reading in the past was that Hitler basically had her as a "Pet" and she was practically a prisoner.

    No real surprise if she did commit suicide under the alleged circumstances.

  9. elser

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    Two good films that portrayed hitler and geli’s relationship are " hitler, the rise of evil" staring robert caryle in an amazing performance and "uncle adi" starring another scottish actor playing hitler though i forget his name.

    I think however geli died (though i lean toward she did kill herself) it was to get away from that monster, either way she wanted to leave and was virtually kept a prisoner.
  10. Drusus Nero

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    Looking at the background of hitler's family, its fair to say that, as a unit, it disintegrated with the death of Alois hitler. The short tempered man that he was, Alois's discipline kept the family on the farm. When he died, that paternalism was gone, and a move into the town area made strangers of them all to the locals.

    What does all this have to do with Geli Raubal? Well, this same paternalism was exactly the thing that Adolf was trying to achieve for his niece. Rumours abounded of a relationship, but they were only rumours, as Geli was involved with Hitler's driver of the day. And Adolf did not appreciate it one little bit, preffering that his employees and his family maintain their distance.

    Geli's nightime carousing with the party bigwigs was another bone of contention. She was described as a 'free spirit' by many, including Goebbels, (who was a regular on the partei party scene), and Hess, (whom Geli found to be more than a little amusing, with his furrowed, sloping brow, impossibly bushy eyebrows, and tendencies to be involved in offbeat forms of study, like Egyptological Religious beliefs, or Astrology). Rumours reached hitlers ears, and his attitue was exactly that of Alois. his attempts to reign her in were more and more marginalized. Geli became a prisoner of her own actions.

    She attempted to move to Vienna to study, but needing Adolf's permission and money, she wasn't going anywhere. In one of their arguments, according to Hess, Geli dropped the bombshell that her affaire with the driver was a permanent thing. Hitler strictly forbade the affaire, and her departure.

    As far as I'm concerned, there is no proof whatsoever of Adolf's involvement with her death, other than her use of his pistol. Of course, the press had a field day. The Security Service moved in to confiscate all files, and the rest was from the rumour mill working overtime.

    Monster he may have been, but Hitler's sex life did not extend to relationships with his niece, despite the rumours. Geli knew perfectly well how to use a pistol (Hitler had taught her himself), and her knowlege of the living quarters when she had kept house for Adolf would have told her just where to find the pistol itself.

    Thats my take on the subject. From what I understand, no autopsy was allowed, so further rumours of broken bones are a no-show. Just a case of suicide in terrible circumstances. Geli knew what it would do to 'Uncle Adi', and she succeeded in taking her own life.

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