What kind of pets do you guys have?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by KriegsmarineFreak, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. KriegsmarineFreak

    KriegsmarineFreak Senior Member

    Do you guys have any pets? What are some of their traits that you really like about them and also, if possible, could you post a picture of them on this forum. Here are my pets:

    1) My dog Snoopy. We got him back in 1998 at the pound and he's still quite active for his age. Whenever we turn on the jacuzzi behind him he goes crazy and starts attacking the bubbles. He's also afraid of the water. I take him for walks a couple times a week around the neighborhood. He's a really great dog. He also sometimes has fun throwing and ripping up his bed, as seen in the second photo.

    2) My guinea pig, Torpedo, I bought him in July of 2006. I named him Torpedo since he was shaped like and was skinny but since then he's grown to be very fat. He's very shy and very quiet. When I hold him he doesn't squeal but just sits there. For some reason he doesn't really like running around the house. I'll set him on the ground and he'll just sit there, frozen. Sometimes he'll even hop back onto my lap!

    3) I've also had a couple of hermit crabs. I've kept two alive for a remarkable four years. Here's a picture of one I used to have last year. The picture's quality isn't good but this was the biggest hermit crab I had. He would barely fit into my hand. I named him, "Bismarck."

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    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Not much of an animal lover to be honest (and a dedicated cat hater!), but I've had a few pets over time. Always had a soft spot for hamsters because they're funny (and can have a vicious streak), but my favourite was my Emperor scorpion (named Oskar (after Dirlewanger) because it was an evil bastard that seemed to take a special liking to torturing crickets for a while before eating them).

    I've got an interest in arachnids in general and would definately have another scorpion (or a spider) , but it's either them or my wife I'm afraid - and spiders can't iron! LOL
  3. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    I have five lovely cats and one dog. The cats are all adopted strays, including what appears to be a pure Siamese, and the dog is a Maltese Bichon. I hate the blasted dog but my wife insisted on keeping the confounded thing.

    Now keeping a hermit crab is something I had never heard about! :)
  4. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Down with dogs.
  5. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    Poop, you're supposed to post pics of your animals not of yourself!:cowboy_125:
  6. von Poop

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  7. Andy in West Oz

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  8. KriegsmarineFreak

    KriegsmarineFreak Senior Member

    Very cute dog Andy!! That's quite the ugly dog, Von Poop, how would you guys like to have a dog like that? Any ideal what breed it is? As for hermit crabs, Za Rodinu, they're actually quite easy to find here in Las Vegas. They're pretty easy to take care of. There's even a place at a mall nearby called the, "Hermit Hut" which, has a huge tank of hermit crabs with all these cool painted shells along with equipment. They can grow pretty big over time. They shed their skin every once in awhile like snakes. I've had quite a few nitmarish expereinces picking up a hermit crab and having its "old" body fall out. Then, I discover there's still a hermit crab in there which, is a relief. I had a hermit crab that shed its skin one night and then, the next day I found it dead. Hermit crabs can be cannibals (which, I hate) and are known to eat other crabs when they're weak after shedding their skin. This is what happened to my hermit crab. I'd care not to elaborate on what he looked like after being eaten. It was quite gross.
  9. the_historian

    the_historian Pillboxologist

    Three horses, two dogs, and a cat.
  10. shamrock

    shamrock Junior Member

    Down with dogs.
    that is so BAD!!!!!!!
  11. Andy in West Oz

    Andy in West Oz Senior Member

    I think VP's self-portrait is a Chinese hairless dog that was voted world's ugliest dog a couple of years ago. It died last year or this year. Lived in California, home of the beautiful people...
  12. Roddoss72

    Roddoss72 Junior Member

    Me i have two pets i have a blue tongued lizard called Kobalt and a canary called Cynna-Meigh (pronounced Sinner-May). :wow:
  13. spidge

    spidge RAAF RESEARCHER Patron

    We had a Jack Russell bitch who died at 17yo.

    The girls talked me into getting another one and came up with this.

    Beautiful Black Labrador bitch with a great temperament

    She is not two yet, so still just a pup.

    Roxy Web Size.jpg
  14. KriegsmarineFreak

    KriegsmarineFreak Senior Member

    Very cute dog, Spidge! One of my neighbors here in Vegas has a black labrador thats a few years old. They make very good guard dogs. When my house got broken into our dog Snoopy didn't even bark at them but just followed them to the back door of our house just thinking they were visitors. The burglars used a crow bar to wrench our back door open and broke it. My sister was talking on the phone to my mom nearby as they were trying to break down the door and as they did she started screaming. They ran away when they heard her. I always joke with people that the reason the burglar(s) ran away was because they saw my WW2 shooting games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.
  15. Kitty

    Kitty Very Senior Member

    8 cats, all common garden mongrels the lot of them. One of whom must be kept seperated from the others as she is a psychopath who growls at strangers.
    Another, the smallest daintiest little thing you have ever seen, likes killing wild animals three times her size. The day she caught a sparrowhawk was interesting to say the least.
    the rest are just cats, they love you when they want to.
  16. spotter

    spotter Senior Member

    Have a dutch mountain cat,13 years old only one fang left,but best friend i have ,we been through a lot together

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  17. Andy in West Oz

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  18. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    I have a cat which is cheap to keep and a wife that isn't
  19. Kitty

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  20. Andy in West Oz

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