What is the last WW2 Film or Series you saw?

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Ivan1, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I finished watching The Forgotten Battle last night on Netflix. Not a bad movie. The story focused on three characters, a British glider pilot, a Dutch volunteer in the Wehrmacht, and a girl in the Dutch Resistance. The battle depicted is the Battle of the Scheldt. It was a well made movie with what I really liked was a close up look at glider troops and their ordeal in an assault. I don't think that I would liked to have been a glider man. It's well worth a look.

    Read all about it!

    The Forgotten Battle - Wikipedia

    Battle of the Scheldt - Wikipedia
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    I saw that flick several years ago. It was fine, but the English accents in one of the characters was a bit heavy as I remember.
  3. Dave55

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    I thought the acting was a little wooden even though it was a good cast. Maybe due to a bad script or bad directing. Really good sets and clothes so it provided a pretty good WWII movie fix.

    Obligatory adulterous affair was clumsy but can be fast forwarded through

    I'm not knowledgeable enough of the events to say if it was historically accurate but I did notice that one of the judges called Keitel "Admiral Keitel" during sentencing.
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    "White Tiger", about a supernatural Panzer VI that torments the Soviets. My wife ran away screaming early in the movie. Not for the squeamish. I think it's on Prime right now. Very nice to see (mostly) WWII armor doing the dance of death.
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    I watched “The Bombardment” last night on Netflix. I must say that I thought that it was a bit intense and hard hitting judging by the ending of the first scene. By the end of the movie I felt glad that it was over. It gave me the pretty much the same feeling after watching the opening scene of “ Saving Private Ryan.” Overall I enjoyed the movie. It offered a look at the home front and struggles of the Danish people and also of their underground and homegrown Nazi apparatus. And I really loved the flying scenes. Are there that many Mosquito bombers still operational? Regardless it reminded me of “633 Squadron,” the movie that made me fall in love with the Mosquitoes, edging out the Spitfires that I saw in “The Battle of Britain.”

    I still love P-40s the best though.
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    I just finished watching Twelve O'Clock High and have slightly mixed feelings about it. Partly, I wanted to know more about what happened next to Savage. On the other hand, I assume the raids on the ball bearing factory was based on the Schweinfurt raids, but in the movie the bombers do not suffer the heavy casualties they did in real life. Those quibbles aside, I felt it was a good war drama - I like Gregory Peck and it was good to see him in another film.
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    Not all bomb groups lost a large number of aircraft.
    The 303rd, 379th, and 306th Bomb Groups lost no aircraft.
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    Good review.

    I like the TV series too.

    The first season had Robert Lansing playing General Savage. It was pretty good but got much better when Paul Burke took over as Col Gallagher in the second season.

    All the seasons are on youtube for free.

    Typical episode:

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    Story about two POWs after the war.

    Real good.

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    Saw this trailer today.

    At least Dolph doesn't look wooden:)

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    I've started watching The Scarlet and The Black, about Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty and the Rome escape line. What a great cast for a TV movie!
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    Not ww2 related but a really good movie for anyone interested in the media coverage in the lead up to GW2.

    Shock and Awe (2017) - IMDb

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    Saw it a few months ago myself. Wasn’t terrible overly impressed with it. Too much back story in it.
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    The wonders of YouTube delivered this 12m clip just, alas all in German, in reverse order: TOP 5: Deutsche Kriegsfilme. One is Hauptmann, Stalingrad, a B&W film Die Brucke (child soldiers), Der Untergang (final days in Berlin), and No. 1 Das Boot.

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