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  1. jemm

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    Hi Could anyone tell me please what the badge is and signifies on this uniform please, Thanks :)

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  2. High Wood

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    It is a cap tally with the letters H.M.S. denoting His Majesties' Ship. During WW2 the ship's name did not appear on the tally for security reasons. The lady wearing it is a W.R.E.N. (Women's Royal Naval Service).

    Or are you referring to the sleeve badge which I have just noticed? It appears to be a propeller with an E below it, which is a Fleet Air Arm badge denoting an Air Mechanic: Engines.
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    Yes High Wood really sorry I should have been clear that I mean the badge on the sleeve :) Thank you so much though for the answer that helps me a lot :)
  4. High Wood

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    No problem, I couldn't see the sleeve badge until I clicked on the photograph.
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    It looks to be a 2 bladed horizontal air screw with a letter E below that denotes she is an Air Mechanic (E) Engines as described in the second table in this link -

    The WRNS


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