What Is Our Beer Or Alcoholic Drink Of Choice

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by JeremyScott, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. JeremyScott

    JeremyScott Junior Member

    Just curious as to what everyone's beer or liqour of choice is. For me its a good healthy glass of Coors and a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels.
  2. angie999

    angie999 Very Senior Member

    I don't care for beer much, except sometimes with lunch when I am on holiday. Wine is my favourite poison and the only wine I really dislike is Retsina.
  3. morse1001

    morse1001 Very Senior Member

    I was a rum snob but no longer drink!
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  4. Gnomey

    Gnomey World Travelling Doctor

    I enjoy a pint of Guiness aswell as a glass of wine amoung other things.
  5. spidge


    Smirnoff Blue & Coke (Carn the Ruskies) and a good red with meals.
  6. morse1001

    morse1001 Very Senior Member

    </div><div class='quotemain'> and a good red with meals.[/b]

    There are still a few left in Russia. images/smilies/default/tongue.gif images/smilies/default/tongue.gif
  7. Meyer

    Meyer Junior Member

    images/smilies/default/tongue.gif Well having just finnished rather nice Merlot I would have to say red wine however, if you are buying then I would drink 'almost' anything (and I have...lol).
    But I do like a good Guiness, sometimes with a tot of port just to take the edge off!!!
    Irish whisky is near the top also, Bush Mills, or a nice Scottish Lagavulin.
    Need I say more????????
    Always enjoyed the Sgt's mess port!!!!! :rolleyes:
  8. adrian roberts

    adrian roberts Senior Member

    Bitter if I'm in a pub - Spitfire will do nicely, otherwise Courage Directors.

    Southern Comfort or Scotch if I'm at home. With a meal, wine: anything will do it all tastes the same to me.

    At University in Guildford over twenty years ago when I wasn't driving and could cope with hangovers, Gales HSB or draught Cider at the Ram in Godalming. Can't get any of those in my corner of London these days.

  9. john fischer

    john fischer Junior Member

    your all a bunch of big girls blouses you try my moonshine calculated at 91% alcohol volume
    ive even used it in my lawn mower before!
  10. spidge


    (john fischer @ Nov 7 2005, 10:42 AM) [post=41175]your all a bunch of big girls blouses you try my moonshine calculated at 91% alcohol volume
    ive even used it in my lawn mower before!

    I used to drink pure spirit by the thimble full and it still got you drunk.
  11. adamcotton

    adamcotton Senior Member

    What an inebriated lot you all are! I am an old fashioned lager man myself, especially Stella or Kronenbourg. Mind you, if I am at home I like a glass of white wine or a whisky and coke, maybe a brandy.

    By the way, what has any of this discussion got to do with WW2? :rolleyes:
  12. angie999

    angie999 Very Senior Member

    Having said that I am not a beer drinker......

    (adamcotton @ Nov 7 2005, 03:10 PM) [post=41200]especially Stella or Kronenbourg. [/b]

    .........I think the original versions of these they sell in Belgium and France are reasonable enough, but the versions brewed in the UK are total muck. Horrible.
  13. jamesicus

    jamesicus Senior Member

    Only an occasional recreational beer/ale:

    John Smith's "Magnet Ale"
    Theakston's "Old Peculiar"

    Wine only with meals.
  14. adrian roberts

    adrian roberts Senior Member


    I think the convention is that the Barracks section is an off-topic area. So long as off-topic stuff stays there, and people don't inflate their ranks by only posting there, I have no objection. Increasingly people are making genuine friends over the net, so knowing a bit more about people helps

    This is why the discussion on Sqn Leader Jack Charles is now in Barracks - its increasingly about psychiatry not WW2


  15. GarandGuy

    GarandGuy Member

    Johnny Walker Red or Dewar's for liquor, Lowenbrau beer if I have the money, Budweiser if not, and as for wine....not much of a wine guy as it lacks the punch I require. Also Sam Adams lager isn't a bad beer.
  16. angie999

    angie999 Very Senior Member

    (GarandGuy @ Nov 8 2005, 09:42 AM) [post=41280]not much of a wine guy as it lacks the punch I require. [/b]

    But depending on the wine and the beer, wine is up to three times stronger. In alcohol terms (12-15% ABV), a bottle of wine is equivalent to probably eight good strength glasses of beer (5% ABV).
  17. dakota

    dakota Junior Member

    A PINT (not litre) of cool Greene King takes some beating.

  18. clancelot

    clancelot Junior Member

    One bottle a Jack Daniels and I'm done!! But for the easy stuff it's Bud.
  19. GarandGuy

    GarandGuy Member

    True about the wine being equal to 8 glasses of beer, but I could go buy a case of Budweiser and get 24 beers for $14 instead of spend more money on the equivalent of 8.
  20. ourbill

    ourbill Senior Member

    Being a true Brit-I like five pints of warm mild and bitter in the pub followed by a bag of fish and chips and a deep fried mars bar for afters. It's a wonder I get home of a night! Gung ho-chin chin.

    Roger and out

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