What have you learnt from playing shoot em up WW2 video games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by kfz, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. kfz

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    What have you learnt from playing shoot em up WW2 video games?
    I loved Call of Duty 1 and 2, really resparked my interest into WW2. The missions based on real events, had me searching for what really happened.

    What bits of playing stupid games have made you think?

    Brother in arms is great, makes you realise just how important each member of a squad is. Play the same bit again and again gettin wiped out each time. You get the option to get your missing squad member back and you do it first go. Just losing one man is enough to really cut your options down. Its a good game.

  2. Dave--

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    well said,

    games that give men personality makes them better.

    so instead of "oh darn you killed random G.I #5"
    its like "OM MY GOD THEY F@%&!# GOT JIM"

    I still think unrealistic ones are fun to play because that, in a way, is what video games are about, playing and doing impossible things. Realism is good but if it gets to real, that would be fun and all but thier would be a limit to realism just like in real life. So i say to EA make anohter stupid medal of honro where i kill 200 NAZI'S in one level and find all sorts of ammo and can cary 8 guns like a demented rambo.

    But even COD had moments like that,
  3. BulgarianSoldier

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    There isnt really realistic game.I catch your meaning dudes your right the most games are stuped because you must do everything and you must kill 200Nazis like MOH.In Cod 1 and 2 is the same when your Doyle in the bomber you must do anything your frends are just shoting.Its funny or with Prv Rayen.The Pc game companies must do somethink REALLY realistic somethink like Brothers in Arms because there it is a bit hard to kill a lot of germans and in many times you must be helped by your squad (but i was a bit disapointed when i realise that i can play german squad leader only in multiplayer).The people now search for real games those shot em up are past (Wolfenstein,Doom even COD 1 )
  4. kibeth

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    What I learnt... hmm , something like this:
    Playing a Medal of Honour Game inspired me to make fake ID and get into a over 16s club a few years ago.
  5. Cpl Rootes

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    The most realistic first person game must be playing Call of Duty 2 on a multiplayer Tactical Realism server. Tactical Realism or TR is:
    It stands for Tactical Realism, its a style of play, devoting time to using tactics and playing as you would in real life, to the best extent of the game.

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