What have you learned about WW2 recently?

Discussion in 'General' started by dbf, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Keep your hands in your pocket and fingers off the keyboard for a peaceful life.
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    That’s an excellent page for naval affairs. Every articulate that I’ve read so far has been new information for me, or at least a vast expansion on what little that I knew on the subject.
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    Affair began a tad pre-WW2, but the result was a Jerry icon during the conflict

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    I have learned that Sidney Nolan, the great Australian painter, was a deserter during WWII. And after the war he got a knighthood anyway. What a bastard.
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    Sorry but I can't find any more information on it. I went down some rabbit hole on the internet and came across it. The low freeboard in the picture makes me think it wasn't ocean going though. I found it interesting that she did manage to get a few 15" shots off at the RN.
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    What was the circumstances of his being knighted (is that a proper term-knighted)?
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    Sidney Nolan - Wikipedia

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    A Swimming Pool on the USS Battleship? Who'd a thunkit....I had no idea of such amenities. However I did read about a US heavy cruiser was fitted with a wheel chair accessible tub for transporting FDR around, but that modification was one of a kind.

    The USS Missouri (BB-63) battleship, had a swimming pool on board. The pool was a unique feature on the ship and was intended for the comfort and recreation of the crew.
    The pool was installed in 1944, during the ship's modernization refit at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard. It's dimensions were 12 feet deep and 25 yards long, making it slightly shorter than a standard Olympic-sized pool and was located on the ship's forecastle, which is the forward part of the ship's deck.

    The pool was used by the crew for recreation and physical fitness. It was also used for therapy and rehabilitation purposes, particularly for sailors who were recovering from injuries or illnesses. It was equipped with a diving board and a set of ladders for climbing out of the water.

    The pool on the USS Missouri is often mentioned in books and documentaries about the ship, as it is seen as a symbol of the crew's comfort and quality of life on board. It also played a significant role in the ship's social life, as it was often used for parties and other social events.

    The USS Missouri is now a museum ship and memorial, located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The swimming pool has been preserved and is still intact, although it is no longer used for swimming or recreational purposes. Visitors to the ship can view the pool as part of their tour.

    ifted this from an article on Facebook.
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    So a deserter was knighted. That kind of takes away from those who really earned the title doesn't it? I'm sure we could all nominate sleezebags who were awarded medals, titles, positions, etc that did not deserve such accolades.
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    Hate to cast doubt on Facebook, Bobby, but that picture is BB-62 New Jersey during her last activation.

    New Jersey did use a plastic pool occasionally during Vietnam according to a plaque on board.
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    The number of people asking stupid questions, particularly regarding Service Records, has increased.

    Making the statement "Ignorance is Bliss" redundant.

    Time I switched off and went to bed!
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    What kind of questions are you talking about?

    Your comment might have been tongue in cheek but I thought there were no stupid questions only stupid answers. They might seem daft to us that 'have been there, done that,' but most of us didn't know owt when we started on our journey -I certainly asked daft questions.
    This forum is here to help members, no matter what the question may be.
    Rant over.

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