What have you learned about WW2 recently?

Discussion in 'General' started by dbf, Oct 22, 2010.

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    I’ve just learned about 10 minutes ago that the Coca-Cola Bottling Company operated a propellant ammunition loading plant in Talladega, Alabama. An average of 30 railroad cars a day was reportedly produced from their Coosa River Ordnance Plant unti it closed in August of 1945.

    And also they managed to produce and distribute 10 billion bottles (yes billion, with a b) of Coke to Allied military bases and fleets in both the ETO and PTO. Africa was mentioned in the article, so that must mean that the MTO received their share of Cokes as well. The CBI wasn’t mentioned but no doubt they didn’t go without Cokes either.

    It was also revealed in the article that in North Africa, occasionally the Germans would come across unmanned caches of Coke and was reportedly considered a prized item of battlefield booty. I’m afraid to say that the Afrika Korps first contact with Coke was more than likely when they roughly handled the US II Corps at the Kasserine Pass debacle. Lots of vehicles and supplies were hurriedly abandoned on the battlefield that day you know.

    Anyway, things go better with Coca-Cola! At least here in the states they do.
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    The Disney Bomb.
    I had never heard of it until today, Never knew The Allies had anything like this in the 1940s.

    Disney bomb - Wikipedia
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    Admittedly, not exactly the Second World War (1936), but thematically very close.
    During my research on German arms deliveries to Ethiopia, three aircraft were also mentioned. I came across a curious story full of aberrations and twists in which Ethiopia, Spain, a tiny independent kingdom off the British mainland, a British captain and three German planes played the main roles.

    But read it for yourself: Index
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    Hey, no spoilers! I'm still reading.
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    Project Natter.
    I had never heard of Erich Bachem or Lothar Sieber.
    They were both pretty young in their fields of expertise.
    It is nothing short of Amazing what The Germans achieved while being bombed and attacked on two fronts.
    It sort of makes you shudder to think what they would have achieved if they had been isolated in safety like the war industries of the usa.

    Lothar Sieber - Wikipedia

    Bachem Ba 349 Natter - Wikipedia


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