What have you learned about WW2 recently?

Discussion in 'General' started by dbf, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Holy Zhit Man..................never knew this either.
    Thanks for the link OP
    What a nightmare. :omg:
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    Today I learned that sugar rationing ended in the US on June 11, 1947 for both households and commercial consumers effective at midnight. I had known that most rationing ended soon after the end of the war, and some items after VE Day. Seems that some items such as sugar continued for much longer in the US than I thought.
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    The Grumman Wildcat was built to take damaged, didnt have a hydraulic system, Intentionally heavy items where manual while the flaps worked from vacuum.
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    I suppose it is not JUST WW2, but sense this is a WW2 Forum................
    It is REAL easy to carry a "Biased Opinion" into a discussion. Even with the best of intentions. I recently started this thread about machine guns in bombers. Bomber machine guns
    Not sure if it was ONLY because i am from The USA, but that no doubt played a big part.

    Anyway...............it is so easy to ponder why, and maybe even think the other Guy, Army, Soldier, Country had made a mistake based on what Your Country (even if it was done successfully) did with a certain Tank, Plane, Gun, Caliber.

    It is always interesting......and sometimes humbling :)..... to be educated to that fact that maybe -------

    The Sherman was a good tank for the circumstances.

    Maybe 3 or 4 times as many Panzer-4 would not have served the Germans better than Panthers and Tigers that were built.

    Maybe The Spitfire worked its needs just fine with a 20mm cannon, but a 20mm would not have severed the needs of a P-51 as well.

    Maybe a 190 actually did serve the needs of The Luftwaffe better than a P-51 would have.

    There were often many options and sometimes not Just One was THE BEST.
    Sometimes a fighter is not the same plane for every country.

    I guess THAT is what i have learned about WW2. You need to keep an open mind about weapons and tactics that were common to all armies. Just because two guys carry a rifle, does not mean they will benefit equally from the same rifle.
    They MIGHT.....but then again They Might Not:)
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    On The Repair Shop, BBC 1 tonight, the son of Prosper reveals parachute drop can in need of restoration.He told how it was given to him by a French farmer on whose land it landed.....
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    Today I learnt that elephants from several circuses stayed in Bishop's Castle , Shropshire during WW2.

    2021-08-15 16.30.56.jpg
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    Not sure if this item fits here but I thought that it was pretty cool.

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    Wow........Touche`............... Tou F'ing Che :)
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    I've just discovered that the Wehrmacht General's ranks were one step down from the Allied equivalents. Never could understand why so many Nazi Divisions were commanded by Lt Generals !
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    British balloon offensive against Germany in 1942? Never heard about that before.

    Saw it on Ep. 134 of the YouTube series "World War 2 Week by Week".
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    Putting other things such as temperature aside, once you have reached the 'terminal velocity', it makes no difference from which height you have fallen - chances of survival must then be the same. Then it's all about the chance of landing on something that breaks your fall and your orientation at that time (clearly a difference between 'head first' and 'flat'). Not that anyone in this predicament is going to be thinking about how to break a fall??
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    Shocked to learn that the US named a ship USS Provo Victory.
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    Why is that shocking?

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