What do these documents tell you about My Father?

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    Many thanks - never thought of doing that!
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    The war diaries will give details of day to day operations and locations, perhaps even map references, other sources such as commanding officer's accounts may be around. The National Archives are the keeper of diaries but will not be digitised so must be viewed in person unless someone has already got them and published somewhere, there are members on here who can copy for you but consider current constraints. Like all historical research it is a question of hunting and digging. Some TNA links here:

    Search results: 12 "lines of communication" | The National Archives
    Search results: 2 "lines of communication signals" | The National Archives
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    Thanks for the links - there is no chance I can get to Kew to do the research so I hope somebody has some snippets of information however minimal. I could consider paying a researcher I guess.
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    I came across some information that appears to fill in some of the detail and look as a very good source for other issues as well as the Signals information I am looking for. The link takes you to the specific section.

    Line of Communication (L of C)

    I still cannot find anything about the meaning of the term 2 Tele Com Spec Sec anywhere so if anyone has any information I would be grateful to receive it.
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    post VE Day Line of Communication Signals broke away from Line of Communication and the Sub Areas

    12th Line of Communication Area – 1st Canadian Army
    Headquarters: Helmond-NL
    24 Jun 45 – Headquarters Berlin Area
    5 Jul 45 – The-Hague-NL – Headquarters Line of Communication
    2 Sep 45 – disbanded

    Scoll down here for 12th Line of Communication Signals post VE Day

    My records show
    2 Telecommunication Specialist Section 9 Nov 45 – GHQ Troops/12 Line of Communication – sorry no location
    Detachment – British Troops Berlin 9 Jul 45 – Preussenallee 42, Charlottenburg-Westend – not recorded by 22 Nov 46

    Hope this helps
    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine under construction and working on Line of Communication in the Low Countries.
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    Been away so only just saw this - very helpful - thanks for the post

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