What about the more realistic games?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Shörner, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Shörner

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    I acknowledge that Call of Duty 2, and many other of the WWII genre are well-made, enjoyable games, however... They lack relative realism, and are often just run-and-gun madness. There are many who have made "realism" servers for such games, but the most "realism" servers and mods achieve are the same run-and-gun madness with guns that can fall out of your hands and excess blood.

    Why not consider trying games such as Red Orchestra?
  2. gjr1228

    gjr1228 Junior Member

    i play Call of Duty 2, and if you do find a realism server, its ususally good to find one thats monitored in a strict manner. Although i never played RO, i know alot of people that have tried it, that have also came back to COD2. I always thought the same as you, i hate RNG servers, people jumpin to avoid getting shot, jumping from 2nd and 3rd story windows, not using your iron sites etc..... but i came to a conclusion... how real can you make a video game? ive found a couple of realistic servers that come as close as you can, so thats the only way i will play.
  3. BulgarianSoldier

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    RO is great and really realistic game ,thats why not a lot of people plays it.Cod is like CS ,you just jump,lean,crouch to not get hit ,but you get ht with 5 bullets and your still not dead.Some people just like this more then to die with one bullet.
  4. Shörner

    Shörner Member

    Well thats what makes it a game... The 'simulations' never seem to get anywhere
  5. Mark Hone

    Mark Hone Senior Member

    Look out for 'Theatre of War' designed by Battlefront which is due out in the Spring. It is being advertised as the most realistic World War II RTS yet. with accurate weapon ranges and ballistics and sophisticated AI which mirrors the actual tactical doctrines of different armies. Battlefront are the people behind the very good 'Combat Mission' series (of which T of W is partly a development, but real-time rather than turn-based) and also design simulations for the US military.
  6. kfz

    kfz Very Senior Member

    When is the new Brothers in Arms game out?? Not long now i it, cant wait...

  7. Ian S

    Ian S Member

    i have been playing Company of heroes and it is a very good game and iam sure its quite realistic
  8. scottiow

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    When is the new Brothers in Arms game out?? Not long now i it, cant wait...


    Its released on March 31, 2007. Its going its be good. Medal of Honor Airborne is also released sometime this year.

    All the best

  9. Cpl Rootes

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    For Call of Duty (1, UO and 2), for RO, MOH there is an extensive tactical realism league where people convert the 'mods' to be MUCH more realistic
  10. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Call of duty 3 for PS2. I just can't turn off that damned music and it's driving me mad. All my other ww2 games you can turn the music off so you've just got the sound effects of explosions etc.. but this one doesn't give me the option. Does this drive anybody else potty and is there a cheat or something I can do to get rid of that horrible music?????
  11. Kyt

    Kyt Very Senior Member

    At least you've got CoD3 - us PC users have been left out :mad111:
  12. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Feel sorry for you. It's a quality game with so much going on you almost feel like you're there. Alot of games are just about you running around becoming the hero or something, but COD 3 makes you feel just a little part of the big war going on around you. Go an get a ps2 or Xbox. Or better still wait for the Ps3. It's supposed to be unreal.

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