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Discussion in 'General' started by graceland, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Did you all watch D DAY tv Sunday and if so what did you think of the viewing ?? (uk) ? ;)

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    Overall i thought the coverage if a little "gushing" a times was pretty good I stayed with the BBC all day as i tend to find their coverage of such avents better.Having said that though i did flick over to ITV during the Bayer Cemetery service just for a few seconds just to see what they were doing and they were showing exactly the same pictures and commentary !!.

    I felt the Queen was very dignified during the whole proceedings and i was glad she was there.She lived through the war and experienced a little of what it was like and was to speak to the veterans on a level the "Glad Ragging" poloticians are not capable of.Many of who for me had no right being there.

    The best bits for me were the interviews with the veterans whose faces displayed a whole range of emotions.The best interview was with a formal Naval Rating who was there with his Son and 12 year old Grandson,the three generations together.A perfect example of what all those veterans and their fallen comrades fought for,the future,the children and the childrens children.For me it was THEIR day.

    Please remember there is a 6th June EVERY year.Lets remember them all every 6th June,even if it is just for a few moments.Their sacrifice should not be forgotten.

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    Just about to watch it (I taped the majority last weekend).

    I cannot begin to describe the sights, sounds and emotions felt on 5th June as we left Portsmouth on 'Normandie' ferry to Caen.

    All the people waving to the flotilla and the veterans on board and as we passed each crewed vessel they were all on deck to attention - wonderful sight.

    There were veterans all over the boat, some ceremonies onboard, naval escorts from UK, France, Canada & US and fly-bys during the crossing by coastguard and navy.

    The RN also did excercises at sea alongside the ferry winching crew up and down between frigates.

    - I am sure you saw much of this on TV but I just had to write this down while its relatively still fresh!!!


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