Wermacht/ SS No 'good' soldiers

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    Hi all,
    nearly finished a new book called 'Blood Lands' by an historian educated at the University of Oxford and currently Professor of History at Yale University. His name is Timothy Snyder. The book is a very detailed account of the murderous atrocities carried out in the 'Blood Lands' ie. Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states etc. by both the Nazis and the Soviets. In it he certainly demolishes any myth that the Wermacht behaved in a more decent or restrained or honourable manner than the Waffen SS, the SS or any other military or semi military body ie. police battalions. He quotes numerous instances of the Wermacht assisting in, initiating in and requesting massacres of civilians. Men woman and children. Civilians back in Germany were aware of what was going on as amongst other things their soldier husbands and sons told them. There is an enlightening anecdote about German women eagerly wearing furs that had once belonged to Jewish women. Careful reading of the book leaves one in no doubt that there were damn few 'good Germans'.


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