Wellington BX LN775

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    Hi, Can anyone tell me details for this plane: Wellington BX LN775.
    Crashed 1 March 1944 but I can find no further details.
    Researching JJ Yeates (1025998) and family story is they crashed in the desert.
    I've found its 3 OADU - overseas aircraft delivery unit but nothing more.
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    Here is the Form 1180, Aircraft Accident Card raised at the time.

    Probable cause of flying into the hillside is listed on page 2 along with comments from various senior review officers saying Court of Inquiry not required.

    Dartmoor is rather a long way from the desert.


    ln775_1.jpg ln775_2.jpg
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    Service Number: 1025998
    Regiment & Unit/Ship
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Date of Death
    Died 01 March 1944

    Age 23 years old

    Buried or commemorated at
    Sec. M. Grave 117.

    United Kingdom

    • Country of ServiceUnited Kingdom
    • Additional InfoSon of James Frederick and Matilda Yeates, of Lincoln.
    Download certificate
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

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    Superb, thanks for the responses.

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