Wellington Bomber Crew Memorial. RCAF. Yardley Gobion, Northamptonshire.

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    Wellington X LN181 of 82 OTU took off from Ossington for a night cross-country exercise. Power was lost from the port engine and upon entering cloud the aircraft went out of control and crashed 2250/2300 hours at Yardley Gobion 11 miles south south east from Northampton.
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    Called there again yesterday and cleaned it up a bit.
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    I am sure the families would want to thank you for cleaning the plaque.
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    Just picked up this post.

    Extract from History of RAF Ossington covering the loss of this aircraft

    20 March 1944

    Wellington "Z" from Ossington, pilot F/O Floyd crashed near Silverstone with the loss of all crew members.

    21 March 1944

    Wellington LN 181 crashed at Yardley,all crew members being killed.

    25 March 1944

    The funeral of F/O Floyd and crew who were killed at Silverstone on 20th March took place at Brookwood Cemetery.

    (It would appear that the exact place name of the crash was not recorded until later.))
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    Superb !! Many thanks for showing this. Good to know that this memorial has received some attention. I have given your site a 'Like'... well I think I have...

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