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Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by invicta1066, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. invicta1066

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    Hi all

    could anyone ID this regiment. Thought it was Großdeutschland regiment at first but the chevrons on the cuffs are vertical rather than horizontal.

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  2. Legion Etrangère

    Legion Etrangère Active Member

    There is nothing on this soldier's uniform which identifies his Regiment.
  3. invicta1066

    invicta1066 New Member

    Ok, thanks for that Legion Etrangere, looks like I've got a bit of a puzzle then.
  4. robins2

    robins2 Active Member

    recall seeing similar cuffs on uniforms worn by Police/Fire personnel, although there is a similar illustration of a tunic for the 15th Infantry Regiment and also a Flag Bearer found in John Angola's Book Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army 1933-1945. hope this is of some help

    Bob R.
  5. robins2

    robins2 Active Member

    looking further into the book it shows similar tunics as being Waffenrock, or dress tunics and as pointed out by Legion Etrangere photo shows no id of what regiment
  6. hucks216

    hucks216 Member

    It is hard to say what arm-of-service he was but he definitely wasn't infantry as the Waffenfarbe would be white around the cuffs, epaulettes and collar tabs. It looks quite dark so could be the bark blue for medical or the black of Pionier. Possibly also red for artillery.

    Here are two from my collection showing the blue of a Medical Hauptmann and also a soldier in a Panzerjäger unit.


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