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  1. McBilly

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    Long shot but is anyone a videographer willing to do a wedding, in berkshire in june... know its a long shot, but at our wits end to find one...
  2. Ron Goldstein

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    Suggestion ?

    Contact your local newspaper, play them the hearts & flowers story about the possibility of ruined wedding plans and see if they can print you a story.

    Good luck !

  3. McBilly

    McBilly Junior Member

    So far ive worked on the local college, local radio station... working through the ideas...
  4. jacksun

    jacksun Senior Member

    See if one of the local TV stations has a cameraman who does freelance work. One interesting thing I saw at a wedding a while back was they put a disposable camera on every table at the reception/dinner - guests took pictures on behalf of the couple and got some interesting stuff.

  5. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    We did personalised cds last year when my wife and i got married, we placed loads on the table, everyone has smart phones these days and we got some interesting ones back
  6. CTNana

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    Hi McBilly try a friend of my son-in-law, Tai Adedayo 07960 497 211 and tell him that you were recommended by Ferenc. Look at his website Hope that helps.
  7. geronimoman

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    We married in Berkshire too! We invited an amazing Berkshire wedding photographer, we really liked the results. Good thing it was like that, nowadays there are too many amateurs who can take shots for years but still fail to make quality photos... And it can be seen even if you have no clue about cameras!

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