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    According to the late Bill Gray, 23rd Hussars, the tank commander in Malines is 'Matelot' Stephens (first name unknown).

    The lady below is the 'baby':

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    For the 8th Rifle Brigade, Christmas 1944 was celebrated in 1945. In December 1944, they had other engagements: they were called upon to fight the Germans in the Ardennes. Christmas was only finally celebrated on 21 January 1945, in Bree, Belgium. Photo: G Company’s Christmas dinner table. On it some cans of English beer. See also: D-Day to VE-Day - 8th Rifle Brigade

    8RB G Coy Christmas table Bree Belgium - 21 Jan 45.jpeg
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    I like that shaft of light streaming in. Wonder who sat in that place....
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    Whoever it was, he won't have seen much of his companions... ;)
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    They would have seen him all right :wacko:
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    This weekend, I finally "finished" and added organisation schedules for all companies in the 8th Rifle Brigade (the Motor Battalion of the 11th Armoured Division), to Some of these schedules however are still far from complete. Any additional information would be much appreciated!!!

    If proof were needed, the schedules certainly confirm that life as a platoon commander was an extremely risky job...

    Chart G Coy.jpg
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