Wearing your relative's Medals

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    Yes, Stefan that is roughly correct. My point being that German families found it hard to feel or show pride in their loved ones sacrifice in war, as the cause for which they fought was deemed tyrannical and evil.

    My wife is half-Austrian and I have been fascinated over the years to listen to her Austrain families stories and experiences during WW2. These include losing a great-uncle to the Russians on the Eastern Front and her grandmother having to defend her Great Dane dog from ending up in the cooking pot of the advancing Soviet Army. For me it showed quite clearly that everyone suffered in one way or another and family loss in war is the same the world over, regardless of which side you are on.
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    I think it is great that individuals want to wear their relatives medals with pride. We all want to keep their memories alive & remember the sacrifice so gets the thumbs up from me.
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    Hi Harry,

    I am still flying. In the process of converting to the new Maritime Patrol Aircraft - Poseidon. I still keep an eye on the forum; hopefully, I’ll be a bit more visible than of late!

    All the best,

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    Wonderful to hear from you.I thought you had handed in your gear in on the retirement of your past steed,the Nimrod...it;s some years since the Nimrod was retired to Elvington as a museum piece.I note it has been ten years according to the Yorkshire Air Museum.

    https://yorkshireairmuseum.org/events/thunder-day-nimrod-anniversary-special/....an invitation would be appropriate.

    I have been there a number of times,on one occasion with a Danish friend,a sea going engineer, saying to him while looking at XV 250 and explaining it's role.I know of the "lad" who flew this bugger in to here.

    The Poseidon.I have been following the aviation news regarding the working up of the new maritime aircraft.......has been on order for a number of years....... the decision to use Lossiemouth rather than Kinloss arising from the defence cuts.

    And here it is.....the first delivery.

    New UK submarine hunter arrives in Scotland
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