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    many thanks - that would all make sense - i am wondering if when it says the camp was sheltered by hill 1945 it meant 1975

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    I don't think that it was difficult at all, WABYIN was correct but the original poster had given the name WAYBIN. Given that Burmese isn't the first language of most of us that post on the forum and that many places in Burma have similar sounding names, or have had their names changed since independence, or have moved location or have simply ceased to exist, it was sensible to rule out all the other possibilities.
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    Not necessarily, on maps of this scale only the height of the tallest hills are mentioned.

    Here is a case in point, Point 2171, to be exact, an enormously important feature in the history of the Chindits, isn't shown.

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    I’m a bit late to this one, but here’s another map from the National Library of Australia showing Wabyin.

    Burma, Sheet 84D/NW, 1:126,720 (half inch), 1942 edition

    James’ book:
    Ramree Island.JPG
    One of PackRat’s war diary excerpts gives a grid square of 3649 for Wabyin area:


    “Naaf Estuary” is Naf on map. “…west bank at Kayagyaung”, surely they would have landed on the east bank if heading to Wabyin, perhaps at Kanyinchaung.

    Wabyin is overlooked to the south east (direction of Buthidaung) by a 1975 ft (not 1945) hill about 2 miles away.


    Whilst looking at the adjoining sheet 84D/NE there are some interesting pencil annotations in the NW corner. 7 Div Adm Box?

    84D NE.jpg
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    amazing - thank you all for all the advice its so much appreciated - think i found Kaya(U)gyaung ..

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