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    Hi all

    Not sure if anyone can help - I was trying to locate a place called 'Waybin' ? in Burma but having no joy at all

    If anyone can help would be much appreciated

    Many thanks :)
  2. Hebridean Chindit

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    Post up the document with the word in case it's a typo...?
  3. Owen

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    Is it the English pronunciation of a Burmese town or village ?
    I'm looking at maps of Burma for places that sound like that.
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    It would help if you gave a little more information. The average British soldier, officer or OR, tended to produce a phonetic interpretation of 'foreign' place names, especially if they were written in a different alphabet and he only had the spoken word to go on. What is the context of your enquiry?
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    I know where this is.I have seen it written as Weybin.In the Arakan.I recall a reference to it in the Diaries of Cyril Grimes. After action at the Tunnels and a period in the Mayu Range, the 9th Btn ,Royal Sussex withdrew and left via Weybin Jetty, on a boat.I will try and pinpoint more exactly later

    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    I think it may be WABYIN, rather than WAYBIN.
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    Just had a quick look in the diaries .Quote" Marched to Weybin jetty from bottom of N.Pass." N Pass is an abbreviation of Ngakedauk Pass which is often called Okeydoke Pass by soldiers.It is to the west of Sinzweya,and north of Maungdaw-Buthidaung Road.Near area of famous Admin Box.
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  9. High Wood

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    WABYIN as marked on Owen's map should be found within the 84D 1" series of maps, probably around 84 D/5 or 84 D/6. Sadly, I do not have either of those two maps in my collection.

    I do have the 1/4" 84D map but unfortunately Wabyin is too small a place to warrant a mention on a map of this scale.
    way 002.JPG
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    There is also a small town called Wabyan on the Pi Chaung, 13 miles south of Kaladan. 1" Map 84 D/13.

    way 001.JPG
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    I think the river here was used to transport troops north back towards India after they had been in action.
  12. High Wood

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    Wabyan on the other hand is a big enough place to warrant an appearance on a 1/4" map.

    wabyan 002.JPG
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    James, Perhaps you can give us a clue as to the context of the place you are searching for.Have we solved the problem?
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    hi all,

    Thanks for the replys - sorry only just got round to reading them.
    It was mentioned in a book i was reading.

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    Don't know why that proved so difficult given that I provided the correct spelling and Owen provided a map from 'The War Against Japan', which is the Official History.
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    Mention of the Arakan confirms that it must be Wabyin, but even in war diaries the spellings of Burmese villages are all over the place. Like Shiny 9th I've seen it as Weybin, and also Waybin and Wabyn, but the bulk of 36 Div diaries from the Arakan in early 1944 have it as Wabyin:

    HQRA36Div.jpg 236FdCoy2.jpg 36DivHQ.jpg 29BdeHQ.jpg 1 Med.jpg
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