Waterbeach closure.

Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by ploughman, Mar 28, 2013.

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    From the BBC news today.
    Many Royal Engineers will have been based here or passed through like myself.
    BBC News - Waterbeach Barracks closes to make way for housing

    It will also be of note to members of the RAF having hosted Bomber, Transport and Fighter command units at various times.

    From a personnel note one memory of this place was being allocated a bed space for the weekend with the TA in the Morgue. Not just once but numerous times while the junior ranks were above the Cookhouse / Naafi.
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  2. South

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    It is such a shame it has had to close. My husband and I were hoping he would get a posting there one day. As it is, the Regiment have now moved to Kinloss in Scotland and that's a bit far north for my liking (not that we have any say in the matter of where he ends up really).

    Annington Homes seem to be preparing to sell off all the married quarters. Rather nice houses some of them too.

    Edited to add - Bassingbourn Barracks seems to be in limbo at the moment, closed down but no mention of it on the rebasing announcement, no plans to sell it off I hope. It's a shame when places with such history are turned in to housing estates, I hope it doesn't happen to Bassingbourn.

    I really must change my location as we moved from there in the summer!
  3. chrisharley9

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    My last posting in the army - sad to see it go
  4. Belgian Dave

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    I know its a little old this topic, but I came across whilst searching, and it brought back some good memories.

    Back in the early-mid 1980's, my mother was a home help for old people, and helped with their care. One of the old ladies she worked for had a son who was based at Waterbeach. If I remember correctly, the lady died, and knowing how interested I was in all things military, he invited my mother and I for an afternoon at Waterbeach, as way of thanks.

    It would'nt happen these days, but we went out to where they were practising airfield repairs. I got to climb up onto a bulldozer type vehicle, and the driver let me push some levers, and steer for a few minutes. Then we watched them work away at filling holes, levelling, etc. We then went to the stores, where I was given a DPM cap (the type with all the derogatory names!), and badges for Royal Engineers, Artillery, Catering Corp, and a quite large cloth badge with embroided coat of arms ( I think this is a Warrent Office arm badge). He just went down the shelves looking in boxes, for anything interesting!

    It was a nice gesture, and something I will always remember.

    He was Warrent Officer Pike, and I guess he was in his early forties as I remember he had two sons a little older than I was. This was early to mid eighties. If anyone remembers him, then it would be interesting to hear.
  5. Our bill

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    As a young lass in the WRAF stationed at Raf Brampton I had many good army friends based at Waterbeach and have spent many a happy weekend there and l am sad it has closed. your post has triggered many good memories. Happy Days. Thank you for sharing Elsie
  6. Joe Brown

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    Went there as a Corporal as part of a small Cadre of an Officer, Sergeant and another Corporal to train ground staff WOs and Senior NCOS in the, as Churchill eloquently put it just after the fall of Crete, 'sharp, effective and severe military training in the use of their weapons and in all manoeuvres necessary for the defence of their aerodromes.'

    It was just before I attended an Officers Selection Board, to give me more experience as I was an Infantry Signals Corporal and my weapon training was not as sharp as that of a Rifle Company Corporal.

    The great thing at Waterbeach was for an infantryman to sleep between sheets and have a choice of menu in the Other Ranks Mess.

    Joe Brown

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