Was Vincent McQueen held in a concentration camp ?

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    I am looking for a list of all airmen who were held in concentration camps. I am wanting to find out where Vincent McQueen, an air gunner from 10 squadron was held. I thought it may have been Buchenwald but I can not find anything to say he was there. Can anyone help?
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    1727159 Sgt VS McQueen, POW No. 1070, was the flight engineer on Halifax JN891 lost on ops to Berlin 28/29 January 1944, one of four No. 10 Squadron Halifaxes lost on this raid.

    Captain and both gunners killed, balance of crew POW.

    McQueen was held at Stalag Luft 6 and Stalag 357, neither of which were concentration camps.
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    To back up alieneyes

    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: V S McQueen
    Rank: Sergeant
    Army Number: 1727159
    Regiment: Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks
    POW Number: 1070
    Camp Type: Stalag Luft 6
    Camp Number: L6
    Camp Location: Heydekrug, Lithuania
    Section: Royal Air Force : Officers & Other Ranks

    Stalag Luft VI - Wikipedia - long way from any concentration camps

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    The Questors Theatre Archive: Vincent McQueen

    "Douglas Murray
    There were so many sides to Vincent, yet no ‘side’ to him: he was superbly knowledgeable, yet humble; wickedly funny, yet possessed of the most beautiful manners. While being lucky enough to be friends with him, we spoke of so many things, but only once of his wartime experiences."
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    Cheers for this guys, I knew Mr Mc Queen which I why I was interested. I don't kno hy I thought he was in concentration camp. It may have been something I was told. He was a lovely man, loved kids. Where was stalag Luft 357?
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    They all look so young :mad:
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    I've renamed the thread to make it more specific to Vincent McQueen as that was who the first post was about.
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    It is sad to see how young so many were.

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