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    Hello, just joined so don’t know my way around.
    My father was in 4 troop, C squadron and his tank Compton Wynyates.
    Trooper T E Stephenson service no.7946599.
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    Great photo, expecially with all names being known! Any idea when and where is was taken?
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    hello Bob
    welcome to the forum

  4. I will have to look back in his photo album, I believe it was 1943. Will update if I find the answer.
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    If the photo was taken in 1943 then I'd say it was taken in Syria.
    It's where 9th Armd Bde spent 1943.
    Have you looked into the mens' names.
    Wondered if any of them were killed & listed on CWGC website.
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    from forum member dryan67
    Here is a summary for the Warwickshire Yeomanry for the period:

    9th Armoured Brigade – 1 August 1941 to 27 May 1943
    The regiment received the first modern tanks, two Stuart Light Tanks, on December 30th, 1941. The brigade remained in Palestine until May 9th, 1942 when it crossed into Egypt. On arrival, two more Stuarts were added on May 12th. By June 3rd, 1942 more tanks arrived including Grants. On May 29th, 1942 part of the brigade formed a composite regiment for the defence of Egypt until disbanded in mid-July 1942. At the end of July 1942 the regiment formed Quatcol to deal with air and sea landings in Egypt. Seven Crusaders arrived at the end of July 1942. On August 23rd, another composite regiment was formed using ‘A’ and ‘B’ Squadrons to form ‘A’ Squadron of the composite regiment along with squadrons of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomarny and 3rd Hussars. The first Shermans arrived by September 8th, 1942 so that by El Alamein the regiment was organised with ‘A’ Squadron in Crusaders, ‘B’ Squadron in Shermans and ‘C’ Squadron in Grants for a total of 14 Grants, 13 Shermans and 17 Crusaders. The 3rd and 4th tank in each SHQ was a Crusader.
    The 9th Armoured Brigade would be support by the 4th Field Regiment NZA while the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry would support the 5th New Zealand Brigade and the Warwickshire Yeomanry would support the 6th New Zealand Brigade. The third regiment of the brigade, the 3rd Hussars, would be in reserve. At 1900 hours on October 23rd the Warwickshire Yeomanry formed up behind the 24th New Zealand Infantry Battalion. On November 2nd, it was the only remaining regiment of the brigade in action with a total of 35 tanks. On November 4th it took over tanks from 3rd Hussars and the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry giving it a total of 14 Grants and Stuarts and 10 Crusader IIs. By the 7th, it was down to nineteen tanks. On November 10th, the Warwicks were attached to the 4th Light Armoured Brigade to continue the pursuit to El Agheila and continued forward with the brigade until the 12th, when it was sent back to the join the 9th Armoured Brigade. After the battle, the regiment remained in Egypt resting and refitting until December 29th, when it moved to Syria
    Warwickshire Yeomanry in North Africa
  7. 1943 Aleppo Syria, Grant tank, ex R. Wiltshire

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    Named after this pub I assume.
    The Goddard Arms - Swindon
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  9. Aleppo 1943, HQ troop at silver fox camp, my father on the right.

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    Lovely photos Bob, welcome to the forum.

  11. Tripoli 1943, Sherman just came off the road.

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  12. Owen, this photo was only 252kb file size but shows up as 1.5MB on this site. I’m struggling to upload photos due to the 2MB limit, am I doing something wrong.
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    I'll ask von Poop , he knows more about the technical side of the forum.
    I'm the more helpful one with people . :)

    if your pics are too big use one of the online photo resizers.
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    Awesome pictures, Bob.
    I can imagine what is happening, in that file handlers sometimes show a size for handling that doesn't reflect the true file size.
    I really must get onto the boss about some sort of automatic file resizer here, but in the meantime I'd be happy to resize your pictures for you in Photoshop and send back? (No idea how many you have, but if you want me to do that, forward them to WW2talk@gmail.com and I'll get them back to you).
    Alternatively, if you'd rather, things like this ought to shrink filesize without harming picture quality, and this one seems to do bulk jobs: Compress JPEG Images Online

    Whatever you fancy; apologies for the slight PITA, but the 2MB limit is already pretty meaty. Great shots.
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    Hope this works ok.
    Image from your email.
    shows as 256.8 KB

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  16. Hoping the resizing tool works.
    Bob B6F35396-C8A9-4D30-AEE8-A8E55DAC2725.jpeg
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    Please contact me re: a book I am writing.
    Many thanks
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    As Robert hasn't been on the forum for a few weeks , I've emailed him about your post.
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    Many thanks indeed.
    He has some great images.
    I am hoping to make contact with someone this month who has a lot of unseen RWY images from their time in Bury St Edmunds in 1945.
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    Hi Bob

    Just found your Grant photo of the “Goddard Arms” fantastic shot. I’ve been researching the tank names used by the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry for 30 years and this is the first confirmed photo of one of their Grants. I would like to include your photo in my research document, which will eventually be handed to the Regiment and the Wiltshire county archive. The photo will be properly credited with you as the source. I hope that you will approve the inclusion of your photograph in this document which will be a source for all in the future.

    Very best regards
    Tim Neate

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