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    A thread to think of Christmas in the War years.

    Found this here. Nice and Christmassy.
    The Photo Section (Part Two)


    View from other side
    Fluchschrift - Deutsche Verbrechen


    Exponat: Kollektives Ged├Ąchtnis: Friedrich Gerlach - Weihnachten 1943


    Propaganda - Frauenwarte



    Feldgrau :: Kriegsweihnachten: Reflections on Christmas during WWII

    Some great stories on this last link.

    Such as Christmas 1943.
    "That evening there were fifteen suicides in the division, hearts broken from the strain of so many months of separation and suffering."

    Then from the fall of Hong Kong.
    Initials:A M
    Regiment/Service:Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.
    Date of Death:25/12/1941
    Service No:C/65625
    Casualty Type:Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference:5. C. Coll. grave 4-20.


    Direct from Hong Kong - December 2 - Veterans Affairs Canada
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    A couple of period ads from the Motorcycle publications.



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    Christmas cards sent home by my Father during the war years. 1940, Liverpool Scottish, 1943 Camerons in Sicily & 1944 Camerons in the Ardennes, and photo of 5th Camerons preparing xmas dinner in the Desert 1942.

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    For all those soldiers who have ever eaten at an impromptu field kitchen ..........

    Battle of the Bulge - Christmas 1944
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    From the Gallery:
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    Great stuff, everyone! That Battle of the Bulge photo is a great one, do you know the photographer?
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    I thought it would be good to start a Christmas thread-for anything related to this special time of the year. These are my initial offering but so many of us must have either direct memory or photos or documents from our research that relate to Christmas in WW2.

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    Wow a desert rats xmas card i have 2 one of which my father sent two his mother from Sittard Holland xmas 1944 he says they were given one card each. He also remembers xmas dinner in Sittard with a mug half rum and half calvados he says what a (something)mix.
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    Christmas Greetings from 1 ABW R.E.M.E.

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    92nd LAA Bofors crew near Oploo, Holland, December 10, 1944

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  15. Gage

    Gage The Battle of Barking Creek

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    53rd (London)Medium Regt RA Christmas day in the Ardennes

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    December 1944 my father and two others stopped outside a row of houses in Born nr Sittard in very snowy conditions a young girl about 5 years old was sent from one of the houses to ask the soldiers inside each house had a small hole joining each house so children could pass from house to house if need be as the house was only 7 kms from the German border. Father stayed there for a few days waiting orders and the weather to settle sharing food with the family and playing with the children. When he left the husband gave dad a spoon in a box for christmas with a thank you note written on the box. After i took dad for his first return to Normandy 2004 he went to his draw and got out the spoon and said how thankfull he was to the family and others during that awful winter and wished he had kept in touch with the family. After two years work a friend found Ingrid and in to 2007 i took my father to holland to return the spoon with Anglia TV behind we left Beccles down to Dover over to Calais half of the stern was taped of for the camara man.Then of to Deinze in Belguim were he was ordered to blow up the towns bridges, Then of to Born to return the spoon. Quite a trip for dad we are still keeping in touch and good friends.
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    Susan - a nice idea for a thread.

    While searching the source for another card I came across yours and few others from the same unit on this page:

    Artefacts - Memorabilia

    I'll include my favourite here and perhaps the same referred to by son of a desert rat?

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    Yes the same so nice that these are kept mine says to all love Fred.
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    Christmas card received from my Dad (REME. LAD) on the way to the Ardennes with 1st. Northamptonshire Yeomanry.

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