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    Observing the forum I perceived that they do not exist threads about Wartime Cartoons. This subject is very interesting therefore can see as this resource was used strategically during the war.
    Although many of these animated cartoons have been destroyed in poswar, but much was preserved. Also can find recent cartoons for WWII period.
    In another forum that I participate (all in Portuguese language) we create a specific "room" about this subject.
    forum link: Cineguerra.com :: Exibir fórum - Cartoons da Guerra
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    Deadly Birds

    Here are 3 cartoons from Spearhead, the newsletter produced by British 1 Corps between D-Day +5 until 8 May 1945.

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    One of my favourites...
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    Thanks for the link ,which I will have a further look at when I have time.

    I noticed that although the topic was Wartime Cartoons one soon realised that you were referring to Animated Cartoons which is a completely different kettle of fish :)

    Almost immediately there were responses to do with "non-animated cartoons" and I have a sneaking suspicion that this thread will soon be buzzing with Jon's wonderful cartoons.

    For the benefit of others who may not have indulged themselves before here are the links:




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    Dear Ron

    This thread is about "animated cartoons" even so I'm write only "Cartoons"...

    I have a great interest in this type of wartime animation, I am something that many people not imagine that they have been used in the WWII and on both sides. I had the chance of being able to many of these animations...with many personages, Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Superman, Private SNAFU, Bugs Bunny ando much more
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    This, however not technically a cartoon, could be bought as a T-shirt at the Duxford September airshow:

    Hitler cartoon.jpg
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    I like this one......

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    hi wills,yesterday,06:05amre:wartime cartoons.just watched your link.popeye the sailor man,it brought back memories of my youth.i noted there were many cartoons on the link.some said banned,the one I watched said the same.any idea wy they say that?dont forget your spinach.bernard85
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    Not too sure whether this was a wartime cartoon ! I bought this postcard from a 1995 reunion at Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk. Home of the 100th Bomb Group. ''Bloody One Hundredth''
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    Hello from Toronto.

    The Canadian Army in WW2 had a series of training manuals that were intended to show the troops the "right way to do it " in skills such as rifle firing and infantry skills in the field.

    One of the cartoon characters was "Little Chief Sure Shot " who as you can imagine, was a great shot, and all ways hit the bulls eye. In today's era of political correctness this character would be run out of town, but in the 40's he was just what was needed......a Aboriginal soldier with a sense of humour !

    The second cartoon that I am aware of was "Herbie " who was all ways in trouble with the Sgt, for loosing kit, being late, and never being able to keep his buttons done up. Every platoon had at least one Herbie. He was the "everyman " of the Canadians, and he meant well, but could never quite get it done, properly. I think that was his charm. Even today, in the modern Canadian Forces, Herbie is still serving, with his usual bumbling good natured confused condition. I know , he was me... on a few memorable occasions.

    Herbie was once asked.... What do you want to get out of this war ?? His answer was a classic..................ME !

    As a young soldier, in the middle 1960's, I had the wonderful experience of serving in a Highland Regiment that had been one of the "Day One " units, in 1939, that went on to serve in Sicily, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and the Rhine battles. Being able to talk to vets of the Regiment, in a relaxed setting ( a winter week end range shoot at a CF base ) over a few drinks, was a great way to find out " what the boys really did over there ".

    Watching along with the vets ( who were now in their 40's /50's themselves ) as the National Film Board's " Canada At War " series ran on a 16 mm projector, was priceless, as they pointed out the "faked action scenes " and the real combat action, and the names of guys that they knew, who were "on screen ". . Talk about learning "Regimental history " without any varnish !!

    The Old Comrades also took their places in the firing line, at the range, albeit with 303's, not the C1 7.62 mm that we were shooting in those days, and of course most of them smoked us young guys, with out raising a sweat. Some things you don't forget, I was told.

    Jim B

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    The Keep Military Museum in Dorchester has a collection of cartoons dating from (I think) the 1800's upto the rpesent day.

    When I visited in April, they were on display in one of the stair wells, looping around the stairs from the ground to the second (?) floor. The museum is well worth a visit, but the cartoons add something that isn't normally to be found in military museums.

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    Along similar lines to dbf's post. An interesting advertisement from the makers of WACO Gliders in 1944:

    Mule advert missiouri copy 2 2 2 copy 4.jpg
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