Warship salvage could have been sorely used during WW2

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    I know this is old news now but we could have used a few of these in the Second World War.
    Many stories during the war of tugs towing damaged ships home.

    Here is a more modern one.

    We all remember the USS Cole which suffered a 40-foot-by-40-foot hole in her port side from a terrorist attack in which 17 U.S. Sailors were killed.
    To get the USS Cole back to the US for repair, the USN put the Norwegian heavy lift ship Blue Marlin under contract.
    MV Blue Marlin gave the destroyer a ride on her 584.6-foot deck to the United States. The heavy lift ship was chosen to carry USS Cole following the attack. Navy designers worked with the ship's company to develop blocks and sea fastenings that were placed upon Blue Marlin's deck.
    To lift the destroyer, Blue Marlin had to fill her ballast tanks, slowly submerging her deck until only the house and two aft towers are visible above the waterline. Tug boats then helped position Cole above Blue Marlin's submerged deck.
    Great marine technology.

    Attack On The USS Cole (DDG-67)

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