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    cally Picture Prince.

    I am not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes anyway.

    I have a large collection of Warship postcards and photographs and am always keen to buy more, whether just a handful of cards or a large collection. I am interested in Royal Navy as well as ships from other navies. Any age before around 1970.

    All you need do is send me a PM and then I will let you have my telephone number and we can discuss matters further.

    Also I have a very good collection of old Liner and merchant ship postcards - some very rare - around 1000 cards including sought after artist cards as well as RP`s and also 3 or 4 Titanic cards.
    I do not particularly wish to sell them but would consider doing a deal to swap them for Warship postcards of a similar quality - cash either way to adjust.

    Similarly I have a smaller collection of old Aircraft postcards that I would also consider exchanging for warship postcards.

    Again a PM will bring my telephone number.

    Please genuine enquiries only!!
  2. Cally, I have some photographs from the "ATLAS Editions" you can gladly HAVE. You may already have them yourself. The so-called collection started then fizzled out. But there are plenty of photographs if you want them..... Bob
  3. Cally, forget my previous post - they are not 'Atlas' - they are ""WARSHIPS maxi cards'...about 10"x7", colour and black & white...Lots of other nations ships.. Bob

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