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    6D328F9A-EA46-448C-AA0E-13AF691455AC.jpeg 6874B93C-A647-4319-AD7B-9E1265430FFD.jpeg 3079FE37-8682-4856-BD70-BE4EC4B1BF90.jpeg 8665A5E4-F5EB-4D68-8BB5-1D8DDAE0F1BD.jpeg 1AA2D0CF-CB7B-44EA-A940-AB6839534901.jpeg On holiday in Australia and I’ve seen many war memorials. The Aussie’s are very supportive of their veterans. Here’s a WW1 memorial overlooking the city of Perth that is particulary striking.
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    You'll find a smaller version in almost every town in the country and in most of the cities, there will be smaller ones in the older suburbs.

    Often you can see entire families who died, especially for the WW1 lists. WW1 was seen as the "Birth of the Nation, a chance to show we could hold our own and the birth of our ANZAC legend at Gallipoli.

    ANZAC Day is our national day of remembrance, although November 11 still retains the traditional minute's silence.
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    Thanks for posting those photos Steve. I've always been extremely impressed by how Australia honours it's service personnel and their sacrifice throughout the years.
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