War Illustrated Roll of Honour - photos

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    Glad to have been of assistance, pikesley.

    Just need to post the details of the other men! I will get round to it but work and family commitments have, as usual, got in the way.


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    Hello Everyone,

    Even though these came to me loose, and I therefore do not have the periodical references, I thought that posting these commemorative pages may be of use to others researching rolls of honour ...

    I believe they were from The War Illustrated but I am not 100% certain of this ...

    More to follow. Hope they are of use


    If anyone can add similar pages this would become a valuable resource

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    Some more ...

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    Last ones ...

    The cut out in no.15 was unfortunately already there when I got them

    If anyone would like a better quality scan of an individual then please send me your email address, the name of the casualty, and what number jpeg they appear on, and I will do my best as soon as I can

    All the best


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    Thanks for posting these Skip. I've seen something similar on the forum someone posted but cannot remember the thread.

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    Cheers Lesley - sounds like it needs someone with gumption to amalgamate the threads!
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    Ah cheers - I see I even replied to RDR's original post ... much be losing it! Anyway they are on there now. I see that RDR very kindly typed out all the names so that they can be found on an internet search. If I get the time I will do the same
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    I keep meaning to set time aside to complete the names on my original thread, but work etc, keeps getting in the way, maybe a winter project.
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for putting these up originally and for re-visisting them today. Amazingly I've picked up 3 photos from the King's Regiment in Burma. Fantastic as always to put a face to a name.



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