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    I was wondering if anyone had encountered gallantry awards missing from CWGC private headstones. I have come across two examples :-

    90240 S/L W. B BEALE AAF Died Central Flying School 4.9.1941 plane crash
    Awarded Air Force Cross LG 30.9.1941
    Buried Upavon Cemetery
    Award not shown on his headstone or listed by the CWGC

    621058 F/SGT H. WATSON RAF KIA 3.10.1941 7 Sqn
    Awarded Distinguished Flying Medal LG 24.10.1941
    Buried Edinburgh (Saughton) Cemetery
    Award not shown on his headstone or listed by the CWGC

    Now I understand a private headstone is private property and not in the control of the CWGC. I don't think it would be right to add these awards retrospectively to a private headstone. But I do believe the CWGC should lists these awards, at least on their website, maybe in the next of kin section.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

  2. Owen

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    Contact the CWGC directly & raise the matter with them.
  3. Drew5233

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    I believe any errors that can be proven with documentation are usually changed quite quickly to the CWGC web page if you notify them. Obviously private headstones is another matter.
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    hello Mark I have come across private headstones not mentioning awards and thats unfortunately how they will stay this late in the day but as suggested do contact CWGC with detail to ensure they update their records.

  5. Marks

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    Cwgc - Update - Success


    Now for Sgt Watson D.F.M

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